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That's almost the definition of a narcissist. Nothing is ever their fault and they go out of their way to find ways to blame everything on others. ANSWER My ex-N would always try to refute what i am saying like "When is your next theraphy appointment" or "Are you on your period".. Especially when it came to emotional stuff he would just brush it off, like I am 'crazy". N are truly SICK people and are very very empty inside.

2008-03-13 23:05:11
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How do you react to a narcissist who stands you up?

Don't date him, see him, or contact him and refuse all contact. Ever.

Does a narcissist focus his rage on just one person?

No, a narcissist will swindle or manipulate ANYONE that will believe their lies. If you have something a narcissist wants, he will find a way to get it from you. narcissists and psychopaths prey on: the too trusting other narcissists and naive people in general that refuse to believe that there are people out there that enjoy hurting others.

Why does Capulet refuse to let Tybalt act upon his hate for Romeo?

because he was the only one who disagree in their argument

Will the histrionic female narcissist always become spiteful if you refuse them sex?

The Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) is a separate mental health disorder. I assume, therefore, that you are referring to the SOMATIC female narcissist. She derives her sense of self-worth from her sexual conquests. And, yes, she is enraged by rejection.

Why do people lie or refuse to admit that they are wrong when in an argument?

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How do you end it with a pathological liar and a narcissist?

Since a pathological liar and narcissist is never going to be reasonable about anything, there is no point in reasoning with such a person; just refuse to have anything more to do with this toxic individual for any reason. If this person phones, just say that you won't accept any more phone calls, and hang up. If he or she shows up at the door, don't open it (and call the police if necessary).

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type of refuse

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