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Is it common for one to get nose bleeds after a concussion?


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It is not common and may be a sign of a skull fracture. Go to the ER immediately. ____________________________________________________________________ Well I had a concussion today and about 10 minutes after had a pretty bad nose bleed. Now, later the same night im fine. I doubt I have any skull fractures, I think I would feel that..


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There are many reasons why people get nose bleeds. Overly dry air in the house can be one reason for nose bleeds. However, if you have nose bleeds for several days in a row you should speak to your doctor, who can determine a cause.

10 Nose bleeds in one day record achieved in 2005 9th may in France

yes it can, if you have common nose bleeds(one each day) or even more frequently it is possible you have high blood pressure!

Sports Causes Nosebleeds If you do get persistant nose bleeds through one nasal passage. Then you could have an rupturing blood vessle. There is nothing to be afraid off. As this is normal. Just phone your doctor, and they should make an appointment with a nose specialist. Who then will burn (Cauterize) the blood vessle to stop any nose bleeds. This just stops nose bleeds through that particular blood vessel. It won't stop them altogether! Nose bleeds could also be through picking the nose, or if someone hits you in the nose.

First thing what you can do is to press with a tissue on your nose. After be sure you stay in a comforable position with a cold compress over the nose.

can't open mouth...have no salvia and my nose bleeds gland in my neck is swollen

nose bleeds can burn and make new nose peircings sore but it doesnt make a difference for a healed one

Nose bleeding is the result of blood vessels that have collapsed within your nose. Common causes include: nose picking, becoming very excited and certain illegal drugs. While there are a lot of reasons a person may have random nose bleeds, people with bleeding disorders can often get nose bleeds for no obvious reason. Frequent nose bleeds might be something to discuss with your doctor, especially if you tend to get bruises often. One of the symptoms of von Willebrand's can be spontaneous soft tissue and/or mucus membrane bleeds. While many different bleeding disorders can cause similar events, the disorder named von Willebrand's Disease is actually very common and under-diagnosed. Many females get unnecessary hysterectomies because they were never appropriately diagnosed and thus never knew the simple ways they could treat the condition. Not knowing that a person has a mild bleeding disorder can also leed to many complications if the person has surgery or gets in an accident.

about one third as common as on the lips,

The name for a "slight" concussion is a minor one (as opposed to major).The word miner is one who works in a mine, who also might get a concussion.

It is not uncommon for people to have nose bleeds that start for no apparent reason. This is usually due to a weak or damaged blood vessel inside the nose and typically causes no serious problems. Any blood left in the nose will form a clot that comes out when you blow your nose, but is not cause for concern.

Possibly, but that is not very common. You should consult with a medical professional - preferably the one who originally assisted you with the treatment of your concussion - to get some specific advice on what this might be.

no one that was a fake story The Undertaker suffered a concussion, broken orbital bone and broken nose During the match on May 28, defeating Rey Mysterio

To stop a nose bleed soak a flannel in one pint or six hundred mls of very cold water to which you have added six drops of frankincense oil fold it in half and place over the bridge of your nose and the bleeding will stop very quickly

I can only think of one stem in the word "concussion" which is "con". Con means together.

1. its gross 2. if some one shook your hand they could get sick 3. its bad hygiene -------------- I'm a nose picker myself. Nose picking can cause nose bleeds. It can also lead to embarassment. I feel embarassed every time I pick my nose. I do it secretly, and that can make you feel guilty. To reduce my habit, I paint my nails. If you have pretty nails, why ruin them with boogers?

yes, if it severe and heavy. they can die from loss of cousin did, and i have inhereted that trait. as a matter of fact, i a having one right now.

There most likely are several jokes about concussion syndrome. It is important to be sensitive when delivering these jokes as concussion syndrome is a serious medical issue.

There are over 200 different viruses which can cause colds. The most common one is rhino (nose) virus. Cold are upper respiratory infection which affect mainly the nose.

No, I am very sorry, but it is best not to ice skate when you have a concussion. One person's confusion can mislead them on the ice, and can cause serious injuries to one already with a concussion and those around him or her. This can also damage the actual rink, leading to costly bills and expenses. Unless you want mild injuries, I suggest you avoid ice skating if you have a concussion.

Yes. A sharp jerking motion or twisting of the nasal orifice can break one or more of the blood vessels inside the nose. In small amounts it is nothing to be concerned about, but if there is exes blood and it is a deep crimson color tell an adult. It may be a sign of problems.

A concussion is a state of change in the way the brain works, induced by trauma, that may (or may not) be accompanied by unconsciousness or amnesia. Most concussions, uncomplicated by other injuries, resolve themselves vert quickly, without residual trace. Other complications that appear with concussions but that are not the same as concussions are skull fractures, cerebral, dural, and epidural hematoma, as well as quite a few others, each with its own prognosis. If you self-diagnose a concussion, you might consider making your way to a hospital, where they'll evaluate you. It isn't always the case you'll get the full battery of imagery testing, or any at all, depending on their perception of the extent of the concussion (and if in fact it is one). Intercranial bleeds are very uncommon with a normal, non-complicated concussion.

The rhinovirus got its name from the Greek word Rhin, or nose. This is one the of the most common causes of the "common cold".

No one exactly knows since he got a concussion and is reacting to symptoms! I hope I answered your question!!

Rhinorrhea is nasal discharge. Rhinovirus literally translates to "nose virus." It's one of the viruses that causes the common cold.

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