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No, call your doctor right away. IT DEPENDS ON HOW ADVANCED YOU ARE IN YOUR PREGNANCY. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING CAN OCCUR SEVERAL DAYS AFTER YOU HAVE OVULATED. Yep it could be normal. If it started a little before or around your first "missed" period. I thought I had a period last month cause I spotted for a week and had major cramps but this month no period and I JUST got a +++++ pregnancy test! Good Luck. Depends of each person. I had a very light brownish spot when I was about 2 weeks pregnant. Now I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I have a little bit of cramps, and everything is working out normally. Thanks God. Good Luck to you ;o)

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โˆ™ 2006-01-13 22:09:47
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Q: Is it common to spot and have cramps when you are pregnant?
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