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No, call your doctor right away. IT DEPENDS ON HOW ADVANCED YOU ARE IN YOUR PREGNANCY. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING CAN OCCUR SEVERAL DAYS AFTER YOU HAVE OVULATED. Yep it could be normal. If it started a little before or around your first "missed" period. I thought I had a period last month cause I spotted for a week and had major cramps but this month no period and I JUST got a +++++ pregnancy test! Good Luck. Depends of each person. I had a very light brownish spot when I was about 2 weeks pregnant. Now I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I have a little bit of cramps, and everything is working out normally. Thanks God. Good Luck to you ;o)

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Q: Is it common to spot and have cramps when you are pregnant?
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What is the very common symptoms of a pregnant women?

Stomach cramps and a lot of pain

What kind of cramps do you have when your pregnant?

Back crAmps and stomach cramps.

Can you have period cramps and still be pregnant?

Yes, if you have cramps but no menstrual flow, you can be pregnant.

Do you get the common menstrual symptoms when you are pregnant?

You can spot while you are pregnant and have some slight cramping

If you are pregnant would you have a backache?

Lower back pain and PMS like cramps are pretty common among the newly pregnant.

Is it normal to spot and have cramps when 9 months pregnant?

I am not sure , but I am suggesting , and asking for your sake and the baby's for you to see a doctor and make sure.

Can you still have cramps if you think your pregnant?

Yes u can still have cramps when ur pregnant and when ur not.

Do you have to spot to be pregnant?

Absolutely not. In fact spotting is not normal, common, but not normal.

DO women have abdominal cramps at 3 weeks pregnant?

im 3 weeks pregnant right now, and my cramps just feel like period cramps.

Can you get cramps when you are pregnant?

you always do.

If you are pregnant and have your period will you still get cramps?

If you are pregnant you will not have your period

Can you be pregnant if you have cramps?

Yes. But most likely their pre menstrual cramps.

You are 5 weeks pregnant and have very light pink bleeding with light cramping no clots could you be miss carrying?

Most likely not, its very common for woman to spot and have minor cramps when pregnant. If you spot dark it isn't always a miss carry either. Go to the doctor and get checked out if it furthers for a long period of time. But 2 my understanding you will KNOW when you miss carry.

Can you still have cramps and bleeding when pregnant?

Yes you can bleed when you are pregnant and get cramps whilst pregnant because all the hormones are changing for you and the baby. Hipprocker x

Is it normal to have cramps during first month on the pill?

there, No, you dont usually have cramps when you go on the pill, the pill should prvent the cramps...if you have had unprotected sex before going on the pill, i strongly advise you stop taking it and take a pregnancy test as cramping is 1 or the most common signs of early pregnancy as is spot bleeding, headaches back ache ect ect, if it turns out that you are not pregnant then seek advice from your doctor as to why you are having the cramps from taking the pill!

Can no cramps before your period means you are pregnant?

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.

You think you are pregnant and you are suppose to be starting this week Should you be having cramps?

you can get cramps, the week you are supposed to start, and still be pregnant

Have been having period cramps since Saturday it is now Monday and still have the cramps but still no sign of a period could I be pregnant you have had a tiny spot of blood but nothing more?

Dont worry, period finally started today

Do you get cramps when your two weeks pregnant?


Can cramps after sex mean your pregnant?


I am having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Iam having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Does everyone spot when their pregnant?

no everyone doesnt spot while their pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you are having period cramps but no period?

you are definitely pregnant!

Is it normal to have cramps when you are four weeks pregnant?

yes. Four weeks pregnant is just about the time your period is due so you may have cramps.

Is it possible to have cramps and spotting at 1 week pregnant?

is it possible to have cramps and spotting when you did a pregnancy test and you sure you're pregnant of 1 week