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Is it correct to say guess who we saw today?

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"Guess who we saw today" is a command, and is considered acceptable grammar. actually, that person is wrong. It is actually incorrect. Though it is a command, since the person "who" is the direct object and is not the subject, it would then be changed to whom. So the correct answer would be, "Guess whom we saw today." I know, strange sounding, but it is grammaticaly correct.

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How do you say i saw you today?

Well, "I saw you today" would work just fine.

How do you say i say him today in spanish?

Le he visto hoy = I saw him today

Is it grammatically correct to say I am at school today?

It is grammatically correct to say , "I am in school today." This is because you are in the building, not at the building.

How do you say see in past?

saw. Today, I see a tree. Yesterday, I saw a tree.

Is it correct to say by the end of today?

Yes, by the end of today is correct. It's not a complete sentence, though.

When do you say she instead of her?

You say her in a sentence like: I saw her at the park (instead of I saw Ellie May at the park).You say she in a sentence like: She saw me at the park, or She went to the park today.

Is it correct to say starting from today?


How do you say I saw you today in Spanish?

Te vi hoy.

Is it correct to say we've got today?

Yes, you can say that; we've got today to get this job done.

Did you saw a film last weekend past simple correct or no?

"Did you saw a film last weekend?" is incorrect.The correct way is to say "Did you see a film last weekend?"

Do you say if she were here or if she was here?

If she were here is the answer. 'If she Were Here' is the correct answer but I guess both can be accepted.

Which of these is the correct past tense you saw it or you seen it?

It is correct to say that you saw it.Never say 'you seen it'.If using the word seen, it must be accompanied by the word have or had. I have seen is the present perfect tense and had seen is the past perfect saw - Affirmative; you did not see - Negative; did you see? - Interrogative.

Have you saw God today or have you seen God today?

In the past tense you would say "I have seen God today", because that is something you 'have' done. You could also say "I saw God today". This makes sense due to the lack of the word 'have'. In most other languages there is only one way of using the past tense, in English there are three. 'I did see God today', 'I have seen God today', and 'I saw God today'.

Is it correct to say How is your baby?

It is correct, but it would be nicer to use the baby's name, as in "How is Johnny today?"

Is it correct to say everything went wonderfully well today?

Yes, that sentence is grammatically correct.

Today morning- is it correct or wrong English?

You would say either "today" or "this morning"

We were informed it will be corrected today. is this a correct sentence?

"We were informed it will be corrected today" is a correct sentence. However, it might sound a little better to say "We were informed that it will be corrected today."

Is it's he correct?

You could say " It's him ! The man I saw following us." Or you could say " It's he who wants to go not I."

Is it correct to say ''My in-laws are coming today''?


Is it grammatically correct to say you seen?

No. It would be either "you saw" or "you have seen" or "have you seen?" depending on context.

Do you say Gary and Louie seen a deer or saw a deer last week?

The correct grammar is "Gary and Louise saw a deer last week."

How do you say Savanah in Spanish?

Same way in English, only with softer A's SAW-VAWN-AW, i guess is how an English speaking person would say it

Is she saw derby a sentence fragment?

No. It is however ungrammatical if you are trying to say "She saw a derby.", however if derby is a name for someone or something unique than it it correct.

Do not unto others what you do not want others to do untoyou?

Well I guess you could say that too; you'd probably be correct.

I you and he are going the market today- Is that a correct verb use?

no you would say we or you me and him!1