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If a colon is required in the sentence in which the abbreviation occurs, there is no rule against a period preceding the colon.

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Q: Is it correct to use a colon after an abbreviation ending with a period?
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Do you put a colon after including?

A colon placed after the word including is not correct; this is because a colon should follow only independent clauses, which cannot end with that particular word. In other words, if you can correctly write a period in place of the colon, the colon's use is correct.

How can you enter the correct range in a function by typing the beginning and ending cell references separated by?

To enter the correct range in a function by typing the beginning and ending cell references separated by a colon (:). For example, if you wanted to sum cells A1 through A10, you would write it as =SUM(A1:A10). This tells the function to include all the cells between A1 and A10 in the calculation.

Is this the symbol for colon?

The colon is a punctuation used for many purposes. It itself is a symbol, properly called a punctuation. This is a colon: simply a period with a period on top. This looks similar to the semi-colon, which looks like this ; a comma with a period on top.

When is a colon used?

In place of a period

What comes after PS?

A period or a colon.

What does the semi colon look like?

A semi colon is a period with a comma just beneath it.

Is it correct to write The process flow for the development process is shown below in Figure 5 followed by a colon?

Normally it would use a period. A colon is used where a number of values follows in a sentence, but may be used where there is a bulleted or itemized list (depends on style).

How many spaces after a period?

In typing, proper style is 2 spaces after a period (.), as well as after a colon (:).

What is the usage of a semi-colon?

A semi-colon can be used to separate 2 sentences (2 complete thoughts), in place of a period.

What is placed between the starting value and ending value when defining a range in excel?


What is the correct punctuation to this busniess greeting To Whom It May Concern?

The correct punctuation for the business greeting "To Whom It May Concern" is a colon.

An example of an important function of the colon would be its absorption of?

The correct answer is salts