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Is it correct to write a paragraph that only has one sentence?


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A paragraph is a section that expresses an idea, and can be as long or short as you need. When the topic changes, you start a new paragraph.


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The "Y" in you should not be capitalized and while it takes only a noun and a verb to make a sentence - which "I write you" has - it isn't a correct sentence because the tense of the verb is incorrect. "I will write you" would be a correct sentence with the correct verb tense. You could begin a sentence, albeit it sounds a bit odd, with the words "I write you" as in "I write you this letter today in an attempt to appeal to your empathetic side", however "I write you" is not a correct sentence alone.

It is when you can only write how ever many sentence per paragraph before you have to start a new one. Usually 7-9 sentences at the most.

It depends upon the complexity of the content of the paragraph. A paragraph may consist of only one sentence.

A paragraph on adventure in a train ca be written in many ways. The action can take adventure solely on the train, or only partly on the train. The paragraph should be 3-5 sentences long and should have an introduction sentence and conclusion sentence.

You are being asked to write a topic or thesis sentence. This is the main idea of your paragraph. All sentences should relate to that one idea.

If you only have one paragraph, your summary would be a sentence at the end.

Yes. Always indent for each paragraph. But only the first sentence. :)

Yes, however it is not technically grammatically correct, and should be avoided unless you are making a stylistic choice. "But" joins subjects together, so it should only be used in the same paragraph, and typically in the same sentence.

No. It will only BRING is correct but this is not a complete sentence. It will only bring what? You need to complete the thought.

This isn't the only way to write this sentence.

Only one sentence is correct. The correct sentence would be "He saw me going there".

There are 6 sentences in the FFA Creed. Every paragraph is only 1 sentence except for the third paragraph which is 2. Every sentence starts with I believe.

A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place or thing. Write your paragraph without using names. For example, this short paragraph uses no proper nouns. All of the nouns in this paragraph are common nouns.

The grammar is correct but there should be no capitals in the middle of the sentence. Only the first letter of a sentence or proper nouns and the pronoun 'I' are capitalized. There are no proper nouns in the sentence: "I water the plant." is correct.

I think the same as the classic 5-paragraph essay but with only one body paragraph instead of three. Below is some info about writing a 5-paragraph essay.

I'll write your sentence, but only for your own edification.

Yes you can star a sentence with and, only sometimes you cant do it for every sentence but one or twice in one page but in a paragraph it is one.This is your answer. You're welcome!

The only thing missing in that sentence is a verb."The frozen ponds of Canada are the natural birthplace of ice hockey."

The first paragraph should have a good introduction. The last sentence should contain your thesis, which answers the question. The next three paragraphs should support your thesis with three different pieces of evidence. The last paragraph should summarize all of your thoughts and opinions about the question and prove your thesis.

Usually only 4-5 sentences are considered a paragraph!

well first you need 7 things u r going to write about .For each paragraph write about one thing only. Then the other 2 paragraphs r Ur conclusion and Ur introduction.

If you could write that question, then you already have the answer. It's a word followed by another. You can rarely write a sentence with only one word....

if we start a paragraph.the frist letter of sentence should be in apitale letter three important point is there u should write in a very neat hand writing another important is there should be no mistake in writing the last point is we should only write with bule ball pen or with black ball pen and waill ending the paragraph u should write thank you or the end

No. Cities is the only correct spelling.

No, as written it is incorrect. The correct version would be: When are you coming to get me? The word coming only has one m, not two. Other ways you could ask or write this include:When will you pick me upWhen are you picking me up

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