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Unless it was an animal that ran into your car it would be Collision coverage that would apply.

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Q: Is it covered under comprehensive or collision when your vehicle is parked unoccupied at a restaurant and you do not know who hit you?
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If you hit an animal and damage your car is that covered under collision or comprehensive?

I can answer that ! Comprehensive!

Is hitting a dear comprehensive or collision?

Animal CollisionIf your vehicle "collides" with an animal it will be covered under the "collision" portion of your Auto Insurance Policy. Answer from a General Insurance AgentAnswercomprehensive

Will allstate liability insurnace cover you if you hit a deer?

Comprehensive coverage will usually cover you if you hit a deer. Coverage may be optionally covered under comprehensive or collision in some states. If you do not actually hit the deer and have a collision, it would only be covered under collision insurance.

What does collision coverage automobile insurance cover?

Collision covers if you hit something or turn the vehicle over. The exception is an animal collision which is covered by comprehensive or (other than collision).

Is backing up into a telephone pole is it covered under comprehensive or collision coverage?

This will be covered under the collision portion of your Auto Insurance policy. You collided with a telephone pole. Hence, Collision coverage would invoke.

If I don't have collision insurance will insurance company fix my car?

It depends upon the type of damage and the cause of it; some physical damage is covered by the comprehensive coverage of an auto policy. For example, glass breakage and vandalism is normally covered by the comprehensive coverage. All of that said, collision and comprehensive coverages are generally offered and purchased in tandem. Therefore, if one does not have collision coverage, there is a good chance that there is no comprehensive coverage.

What is usually covered by a comprehensive motor insurance?

Comprehensive motor insurance usually covers bodily harm or damage caused by an accident. The comprehensive insurance also cover the liability of the car damages in regards to collision coverage. When deciding on collision coverage, it is important to consider the age of the vehicle to determine if comprehensive or full coverage is needed on the vehicle or if collision insurance would be the appropriate choice.

Are Cigarette Burns covered?

Maybe but each burn is a separate incident subject to your Comprehensive or Other Than Collision deductible.

If you back into one of your other vehicles in your driveway does your collision or comprehensive covers the damage to the vehicle that was hit?

will not be comp (ever that i can imagine), these losses are covered under the collision coverage of your policy.

When a car is hit in a parking lot is it a comprehensive or collision claim?

Collision generally covers you in collisions with other cars or property; comprehensive generally covers you in accidents that don't involve other cars, such as animal hits, weather-related losses, and theft or vandalism. So you are covered under collision coverage !

Does auto insurance cover damage to car when a wild boar has damaged it?

If you have full coverage with Comprehensive and Collision then yes, you should be covered.

Is collision coverage deductible and tire slashing the same?

No, Tire slashing is considered Vandalism and is covered under the comprehensive portion of your Auto Insurance Policy. Your comprehensive deductible would apply to the loss.

Will comprehensive cover the damages to your car from hitting a deer?

If you hit a deer, that's a collision and is paid out from your Collision coverage. Comprehensive is for Physical damage done to your car, such as a tree falling on it, theft, vandalism and fire. Yes, the comprehensive portion of your auto policy covers collision with an animal, such as a deer. It would be subject to your deductible. Actually it's covered out of comprehensive coverage and in most cases your rates will not go up. Comprehensive covers acts of nature including colliding with an animal

Would rim damage be covered under auto insurance?

Only if it were damaged in a 'covered loss.' A covered loss would be a collision or other loss that would be covered under comprehensive (such as vandalism). You would need those coverages on your policy.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover crashing into side rail because you had to avoid an oncoming vehicle swerving into your lane?

It would be covered as a collision claim not a comprehensive claim. IE; you "collided" with a guard rail.

What is comprehensive auto insurance?

If you are in the process of quoting auto insurance, chances are the term comprehensive coverage has come up quite often. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a coverage that will pay to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of a covered loss up to the fair market value of the vehicle. Covered losses that fall under comprehensive include: fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and wind damage. Falling objects and hitting a live animal also fall under comprehensive. If you are financing your vehicle, you will be required to carry both comprehensive and collision coverages to satisfy lender requirements. The state does not require comprehensive or collision coverage.

If a car tires blows out causing you to hit a medium sized highway sign will the car damages and sign damages be covered under comprehensive insurance?

Your collision coverage will take care of this. Comprehensive is for things such as theft, acts of god (such as a tree falling on your car), etc. Collision is for well crashes. You incurred a vehicle malfunction which caused you to have an accident, or collision.

What type of insurance will cover an auto rollover?

Collision coverage pays if you hit something or turn a vehicle over. Hitting an animal is covered through Comprehensive or Other than Collision (Difference in terminology only).

If you are at a shopping mall and a cart rolls over and damages your car is it covered under collision or comprehensive?

It's probably covered, but you have to remember your deductable. Your deductable is probably higher than your cost of repair would be.

Will your comprehensive portion of my auto insurance cover your damaged transmission if you went over a curb?

No, that would be a collision, and would be covered under the collision portion of the policy, and the collision deductible would apply. Collisions are also considered a chargeable claim for rating and insurability purposes.

If I'm driving on the highway and suddenly the tire tread separates causing damages to the fenderbumpermolding etc. on my vehicle would this event be covered by comprehensive or collision coverage?

these are generally considered under the 'collision' portion of the policy.....

What is full coverage auto insurance in the state of FL?

Some people use the term "full coverage" to imply that the car is covered for comprehensive and collision coverages.

Is my restaurant covered under my landlord's insurance if it burns down?

The structure is covered but the contents of the restaurant are not. For instance, your ovens, sinks, dishes fixtures, tables,etc would not be covered. You must have liability insurance for the CONTENTS of the restaurant. I don't know everything about insurance, but I do know that liability insurance won't replace your furnishings. You will need the commercial equivalent of the comprehensive part of Homeowners Insurance.

Is it possible to insure yourself?

Yes it is. If you are talking about auto coverage, you would be covered under comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and medical clauses if you so choose.

Would collision or other than collision coverage apply if a liquid chlorine jug fell in your vehicle while driving and the chlorine damaged your carpet?

That should be covered by comprehensive insurance and the insurance company will pay for damages minus any deductable.