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It could be dangerous because animals should only eat their given food but I'm not a docter so you better ask one

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Q: Is it dangerous for your puppy to eat her pee pad?
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How do you teach a puppy to pee in it's training pads?

You must keep the puppy and the pad in a confined space. Once they pee on the pad be quick about replacing it. Everytime the puppy is away from the pad and starts sniffing, (looking for a place to pee,) pick them up or tote them to the pad and wait until they use it. It's time consuming but worth it.

How do you train your puppy to potty on a pee pad?

If the puppy does not understand what the pad is for you will need to put some of the puppy's urine on the pad and let the puppy smell it.P.S.: This may only work for some puppies!

How do you train a puppy to pee and poop if it is cold outside?

if it is cold outside teach it to pee/poop on a pee pad

How can you paper train your puppy and is 9 months to old to train?

Wheather its newspaper or puppy pads when the puppy pees take the paper/pad to where the pee is and soak it up then show the puppy where the pee is if its #2 pick up the # 2 and put in on the paper/pad and show the puppy the #2 and they will soon pick up what you want them to do.

How do you potty train a shih tzu Maltese puppy?

when it pees or poos, you have to get its nose and stick it into their pee or poo, then you take it to its pad and put its nose on the pad so it knows that its supposed to pee or poo on the pad.

Teach puppy to use puppy pad?

it is really really easy, you have to sit them on the pad and leave them there for a while, sometimes the puppy might pee or poop where else, if they poop somewhere else yo pic up the poop, set it on the pad and let them sniff it, the puppy will know where to poop (might not work on all puppies)

Can you train your adult dog to pee on a pee pad?

Every time yer dog pees on the floor, pick her up or take her to the pee pad and lightly scold it when it doesn't go on the pee pad. If you take it to the pad everytime he does it on the floor, he will evevtually learn he has to go on the pee pad/

How do you train a puppy to pee and poop outside if it is already trained to use a wee wee pad inside?

Try moving the pee pad a tiny bit closer to the outside door every day. eventually, you can put it just outside the door. after a few days of the pee pad being outside, you can take it away altogether. It might take you a long time or a short time, as puppy might have trouble with the transition or quickly learn to go outside. So be patient with puppy, and everything should go smoothly PS. Don't forget to praise your puppy when she goes where she is supposed to!

Why teach my puppy to use puppy pee pads instead of just going outside?

It depends if you have cold weather and you have a small dog. The dog might not want to go outside into the really cold weather. That's why people would use the pee pad. Going outside you need to teach them to let you know when the go to go. My opinion you might want to teach the puppy both so when its to cold to go outside it can use the pee pad.

Will barbie's dogs do puppy pee or puppy poo?

probaly not

What are the signs your puppy has to pee?

Your puppy runs around excitedly :)

Can you pee in a pad?

no u suck

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