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Q: Is it fair that my teacher wont round up my grade Ok so I went to his classroom and I have a 79.83 percent in his class Is that fair?
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What is multigrade classroom?

A multigrade classroom holds students of multiple grade levels in one classroom. This style of classroom is lead one teacher that is responsible for all levels of learning.

What would it mean if all students attained a 0 percent?

If all students receive a failing grade in a class room it is usually considered the teacher's fault and the students will most likely be transferred out of the teacher's class and the teacher may even be fired.

How hard is it to be a class teacher?

Depends on the grade.

What is 7 out of 10 grade?

70 percent or a C

What are the nouns in the sentence 'It was prepared by the teacher of the fourth grade class'?

The nouns in the sentence are teacher and class. The words "fourth grade class" can be considered a compound noun, or the compound word "fourth grade" can be considered a noun adjunct, where grade is also a noun.

What is your grade if you get 20 math questions correct out of 35 math questions?

-- Your score is 57 percent.-- Your grade depends on whatever the teacher decides is the grade for 57 percent.-- Personally, I can't imagine a teacher awarding a passing grade for a score of 57 percent.

You got a 61 percent on your test and you had a 92 percent in the class the tests are worth 70 percent of your grade what would your new grade be?

it depends how many grades in the class you have.

Is 60 percent a passing grade?

It depends on teacher and what they think about a 60 percent!😋

Tommy has have a 61 percent in his class if the the final is worth 10 percent of his grade what does he need to get to pass the class?

At least an a

How do you figure out what percent you are getting in class after one assignment?

If there was only one assignment, your grade in the class is the grade received on that assignment.

How to stop your teacher from moving schools?

A wonderful teacher that I know is being moved out of her classroom and into another school and grade. Can the parents protest this? Is there something they can do to stop this? thank you

What grade did scouts teacher say she would start writing in cursive?

Scout's teacher said she would start teaching cursive writing to the class in third grade.