Is it fun to use a ouija board?

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2011-11-03 21:15:55

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Do not use a ouija board under any circumstance please. It is bad news. Because the ouija board is a medium between plains. Now I have had people that did not listen to me, who went out, got themselves a board and used it just to prove me wrong. Most come back to me saying something like "it didn't work you liar."

Ok think of a ouija board as a door bell, but it is an old one and its on a mansion and everybody is usually at the other end of the house. They are usually going to not even hear the door bell ring the first time, but just keep ringing and don't come crying to me if what answers the door isn't at all what you wanted.

So in conclusion it may be fun to use a ouija board, but the possible consequences is just to high.

p.s. If u have used one do not get rid of it for about a month or two. That's usually the optimum manifestation time after that you are probably ok and can dispose of it.

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2011-11-03 21:15:55
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Q: Is it fun to use a ouija board?
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