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Do not use a ouija board under any circumstance please. It is bad news. Because the ouija board is a medium between plains. Now I have had people that did not listen to me, who went out, got themselves a board and used it just to prove me wrong. Most come back to me saying something like "it didn't work you liar."

Ok think of a ouija board as a door bell, but it is an old one and its on a mansion and everybody is usually at the other end of the house. They are usually going to not even hear the door bell ring the first time, but just keep ringing and don't come crying to me if what answers the door isn't at all what you wanted.

So in conclusion it may be fun to use a ouija board, but the possible consequences is just to high.

p.s. If u have used one do not get rid of it for about a month or two. That's usually the optimum manifestation time after that you are probably ok and can dispose of it.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-03 21:15:55
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Q: Is it fun to use a ouija board?
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Do you have to use ouija boards in the dark?

The Ouija board is just a board game and has NO powers of prediction. You can play with it in the dark or light. (Postoffice is more fun.)

Why do people use Ouija board?

their fun and not haunted though the stories of the haunting are quite enjoyable

Has anyone ever use a Ouija board to ask about alien life?

People use the ouija board to contact the AFTER life. Alien life would not get through by a ouija board.

What happens if you have an ouija board?

Nothing happens by just having a ouija board. If you never use it, nothing happens.

What is the board called that you use to communicate with the dead?

Ouija board.

How do you use ouija board?

You use a Ouija Board to talk to spirits and ghost. And how you do this is you just simply take out the board, place your plachette on the board, place your hands lightly on the plachette, say hello to greet the spirits, wait for them to spell out an answer and reply, and keep talking to them and ask them any questions that you are wondering or curious about and have fun but BEWARE.

How can you call a ghost?

Use a ouija board.

How do you contact the dead?

Use an Ouija board.

How can you learn to tap in?

Use the Ouija board.

Can you use a ouija board outside?


What is a ouija board used for if not a game?

Many users of the ouija board use it as a form of divination, or divining messages from deity or spirits.

What is the point of a Ouija board?

the pointer on the ouija board is the planchette.

Is it illegal to use an Ouija board in Michigan?

uhh no.

What procedure can you use to protect yourself from evil when using an Ouija board?

There is no protection when using a ouija board. When you deal in dark things such as ouija boards, hypnosis, palm reading, communicating with the dead, and things like this you open your spirit to everything. Good and Evil. This is not a wise decision another response: If you believe that using an Ouija board is sinful, or that the Ouija board is controlled by an evil spirit, then it is not possible for you to avoid feelings of fear, guilt, sin and evil if you choose to use the Ouija board.

Can you use a Ouija board in a park with someone if you dont want to use it at home?

You can use an Ouija board anywhere you like - it is your Ouija board. But you need to remember that any psychic or psychological disturbance it creates will be attached to the people who use it, not to the place where it is used. Anything you dream up in the park will follow you home.

How is the ouija board dangerous?

The Ouija Board is dangerous because there is a high risk of contacting evil spirits, via the Ouija Board.

Why cant you use a Ouija board when high or drunk?

You can't because you might not play the game correctly, and you could screw it up. You might also upset the Ouija board, and it will get mad at you if you do this. I have the Ouija board, and trust me, I know these things LOL..

Why is a ouija not suitable for under 18s?

Many people believe that those under the age of 18 are too immature to use a Ouija board, or the other common reason is that parents do not approve of the ouija board.

How do you make a ouija board out of paper?

copy the ouija board onto the paper.

When was Ouija Board Handicap created?

Ouija Board Handicap was created in 1997.

Is it ok for one person to use a ouija board?


How do you make a Oija Board?

making an ouija board is not a big can make your own ouija board at home by making the same as original in a blank paper. and u can use any coin for it.

Is it possible to have problems with an ouija board if you play online?

Ouija boards are very safe to use as long as you learn how to open and close the board correctly. Doing this each time you use it will keep your board and you safe from malevolent spirits.

How can you purchase a Ouija board in Pune?

You can purchase a Ouija Board on line but please if you care for your life and others in it look up stories and stuff about a Ouija board before using it their are many dangerous things about a Ouija board when you have 1 or use 1 you are welcoming evil and dark spirits into your life that can ruin your life and it is hard to get rid of them i did not know Ouija boards were bad to use until it was to late and now their is someone horrid in my house so please BEWARE!!!

Does to ouija board summon demons to your house?

It can. make sure you are really REALLY careful while using it. do not be rude of make fun of the spirits. this is not a joke. don't use it ever and if you already have used an Ouija board get it out of the house asap!!! this is not a joke. If you havent used it, good. NEVER USE AN OUIJA BOARD EVER EVER EVER! because you just may be one of the unlucky ones like me that got an evil spirit and now it wont leave...never use one...never.