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Q: Is it hard to climb mount fuji?
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Who was the first woman to climb mount fuji?

Lady Fanny Parkes was the first woman to climb Mount Fuji in 1867

Who was the first to climb mount fuji and when?

Ross O'Reilly.

How many people climb mt fuji per year?

300,000 people climb mount fuji every year

Who was the first women to climb mount fuji?

The first non-Japanese to climb it, was Lady Fanny Parkes

Who was the first perso to climb Mount Fuji?

An anonymous monk climb mt. Fuji the first time in 663. If we talk named foreigner then first was sir Rutherford alcock

What mountain should all Japanese people climb before they get to old?

Mount Fuji

What are the release dates for An Idiot Abroad - 2010 Climb Mount Fuji 2-7?

An Idiot Abroad - 2010 Climb Mount Fuji 2-7 was released on: UK: 4 November 2011 USA: 3 March 2012

Is mount everest the hardest mountain to climb?

No Mount Everest is not the hardest mountain to climb, there are many mountains that are very hard to climb.

What is the area of mount Fuji in km and miles?

the area is 13.2654 feet high but 521.36 miles to climb

Which is more beautiful mount mayon or mount fuji?

mount fuji

Where is mount Fuji to the UK?

Mount Fuji is in Japan

Is mount Shasta very hard to climb?