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The anus is a nasty place....

All the food that is consumed ends up as waste in the anus waiting to be expelled. If semen was to end up inside your anus nothing would happen since the next time you go to the restroom it will be expelled from the anus.

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You can't "infect" it into your own anus but insert it and it wont be harmful. It will come back out though.

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Q: Is it harmful to infect your own semen in your anus?
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What is felching?

Felching is a sexual practice in which semen is sucked out of another person's anus. The individual sucking the semen may swallow it or pass it, mouth to mouth, to a partner. The term for the latter act is snowballing. a man drinking his own semen out of his partners anus

Can men fart semen naturally?

The man's reproductive organs that porduce semen are in no way connected to the anus or digestive track. Whatever it is that is coming out the anus that's not feces has to be digestive juices. Or are you asking if it's natural to fart semen. Ok, so having semen in one's anus is not natural because that's not where it's supposed to be therefor farting semen is NOT natural.Without being judgemental about you in the slightest I'd simply answer that the only way that you could fart semen out of your backside is if someone has deposited it up your backside. Your own semen won't get there unless you put it there.

What does it mean when you have a jelly like substance coming from your anus?

I have been questioning the same thing since it happened to me. if you introduce something into your anus such like a pencil or even your own finger, and start simulating like if it were a penis having sex with you, the yellow liquid that falls is semen. man can eyaculate from anus such from the penis, there is now risk to get infections, unless your anus is hurt or something like that, but it is nothing, don't call the doctor, it is just semen, like the one that is in your penis. that happens because the thing you introduce is touching the top part of the anus, the one that makes your semen fall out because of excitement. it already happened to me, and to other people on the internet, it is normal, nothing to worry man.

what is problem of drinking semen causes any health problems for men there own semen?

Consuming your own semen will do you no harm.

Should you tast e your own semen?

It's not harmful so if you feel like tasting it then taste it. ------- This is one thing you must do so that you'll know what you are shooting into your partner's mouth.

Can you man come in his own anus?


Can a man urinate in his own anus?


Can you swallow your own semen if you have an STD?

Well, it's your own semen and you have STD. It won't makes you get worse since you produce it yourself...

Is it okay for a boy to finger his own anus?


Can I swallow my own load of semen?

if you want

Will I be exposed to the medicine my husband is taking if I swallow his semen?

yes. your husbands semen is composed of a little bit of everything he takes in whether it be medicine, food, liquid and so on. Therefore, swallowing of semen is an inherently dangerous activity, as a result you should consider having him ejaculate on your face or inside your anus or vagina, however remember that some form of birth control should always be in place. if you feel you must receive his ejaculate in your mouth with the intention of swallowing his semen, the safest way to prevent his medicine from effecting you, the semen must be neutralized by your husbands own saliva. the best way to do this is to swap the semen from your mouth to his mouth, have him swish it around for at least ninety seconds then it will be safe for him to swap it back to your mouth, and you can then swallow it. the only other way to neutralize the semen and make it safe would be by having him ejaculate deep in your anus, then the antibodies there will make the semen safe, and you can allow the semen to slowly drip out onto some object, preferably his mouth, face, or penis them you can safely suck up the semen and swallow it. i hope that answers your question. if you need further advice do not be afraid to ask.

Can you get HIV from your own semen?

First off, not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to eat your own semen? Secondly if you already have AIDS then your semen has aids as well. AIDS is transfered through semen, as well as other stuff. Please, always use a condom.But, just to be clear about the answer to your question, you can not get any disease from your semen if you don't already have the disease. if you do not have AIDS your semen can't give it to you.AnswerYou do not get AIDS. Aids is the intensity level of a HIV infection. AIDS is the point of HIV when your body's viral level is so high that it cannot successfully fight off any infections without strong medical help. In regards to your own semen. If you have hiv, it's in your semen as well.AnswerYour semen came from your body and it only contains things which are already present in your own body. If you don't have AIDs then your semen cannot contain anything extra that will 'give it' to you. If you do already have AIDs then you can't get an extra dose of it from eating your own semen. If you want to eat your own semen if is much safer than eating someone else's and there is no logical reason why you shouldn't do it, if you wish to.