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If you accidently ingest a small amount, you might have an upset stomach at the most! I would not recommend drinking it! If you do, try to induce vomitting and contact your local posion control center asap

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Q: Is it harmful to ingest Avon Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion?
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What retail stores can one purchase Avon body lotion?

Some of the retail stores that one can purchase Avon body lotion are Walmart and Target. These stores offer a variety of different kinds of body lotion such as moisturizing lotion or body therapy lotion for purchase from Avon.

Lotion starting with letter a?

* Aveeno * Avon

When was the Avon lotion bottles that look like a ear of corn made And are they worth anything?

1977 - 1980

What is the best moisturizer to replace ponds replenishing moisturizer lotion?

some of the best lotions I've tried are from Avon

Does Avon still manufacture Dew Kiss moisturizing lotion for the face?

There is still a lip balm by that name, but the lotion was discontinues. The good news is, it was replaced by a similar and better product.

Does Avon skin so soft repel mosquitos?

Yes, Avon's Skin So Soft lotion does repel mosquitoes. The product was not made as a bee repellent, but has been proven to repel the pesky critters in the summertime.

What is the regular price of Avon's mark Celebrate Eau de Toilette at the web store of Avon United States?

The regular price for Avon's mark Celebrate Eau de Toilette at the web store of Avon United States is $26 for 1.69 fluid ounces. Other fragrances by mark are: Jewel and Very Sassy (mini fragrance and body lotion).

Where can you sell old Avon perfume bottles which are full and in original boxes?


Are Avon bottles useful or useless?

Avon bottles are useless once the product has been depleted. Plastic bottles not only contribute to the landfill problem that exists today but are harmful to the environment as well. It takes years for plastic to breakdown.

What is in Skin So Soft?

Skin So Soft is a name of a product made by Avon. It is a skin care line with many different products like bath oil, lotion, etc.

Where is the Avon in Avon located?

The address of the Avon is: 37485 Harvest Dr., Avon, 44011 1133

Who sells avon rings?

Avon is only sold through Avon catalogs, online, and through Avon representatives. By going to Avon's website you can find an avon representative or purchase directly from avon. There are also many sellers of avon on ebay and other such auction sites.