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Q: Is it illegal in Irvine to shoot an airsoft gun of any kind?
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What should your first airsoft gun be?

That depends on what kind of shooting you plan to do. Are you planning to do skirmish game or target shoot?

Can people get killed by air soft guns?

It depends what kind of airsoft gun you have but maybe if you shoot them in the right place.

How do you modify airsoft guns to shoot real bullets?

You can't,the parts are not strong enough to supress that kind of pressure

What kind of bbs does a Crosman stinger airsoft gun hold?

All airsoft guns usually use 6mm BBs, usually made of plastic, and come in a variety of different weights (.12 grams, .20 grams, .25 grams, .28 grams). Normally .12 gram BBs are the cheapest, and are good for most airsoft guns, although airsoft guns that shoot at higher velocities should use .20 or .25 gram BBs, as they will shoot straighter.

Is to legal to shoot squirrels whenever?

No, in the UK Red Squirrels are protected, shooting or trapping of any kind is illegal.

What kind of bullet does a airsoft beeman p17 need?

The Beeman P-17 is a Pellet Pistol not an Airsoft Pistol. Airsoft shoot 6MM plastic BB's. The P-17 shoots .177 caliber Pellets at 410 Feet Per Second. (FPS) considerably faster and deadlier than any airsoft pistol. Do not shoot anyone else with a pellet pistol it could cause serious injury. If you are not sure how to shoot a pellet pistol find someone who understands shooting to teach you. Pellet pistols are beyond BB guns so the P-17 is NOT a BB gun. Be safe.

Why wont your airsoft gun shoot the battery is charged works and the mags are good?

The reason why is because if you buy the airsoft in Walmart or somewhere like that, the airsoft isn't very reliable. Those guns are very cheap(kind of) and they are going be useless very quikly. I have a tac r71 and it doesn't work any more cuz i bought it in walmart. I reccomend all airsoft in

Why wont the safety on your airsoft gun go down when you shoot?

You probably have your slide cocked back. If it isnt, then you probably have some kind of internal mechanism problem that needs fixing. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

What is the fps of an airsoft Thompson?

it depends what kind?

Can you shoot aluminum BBS out of a battery powered air soft gun?

most electric airsoft guns don't shoot metal bbs. the metal airsoft bbs are designed to be used in sniper rifles not machine guns Yes.. kind of pointless unless you have like a 700fps monster though. Not wise but very doable. Assuming its 6 or 8 mm, depending on your aeg caliber.

Is it illegal to shoot fireworks after the fourth of July in Washington D.C.?

In Washington DC, the only kind of fireworks that are legal are sparklers under 20 inches long, fountains, novelties and crackle and strobes. Any fireworks are illegal to shoot off in Washington DC after the Fourth of July.

What is the rate of fire of a airsoft gun?

depends on what kind it is

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