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If it were my cat, I would take the person to Court and sue them, and if the State or locale legalized it, they would be sued too. Not to mention I would make it NATIONAL campaign because I would have the strength of the entire animal rights communities on my side. I keep my cats indoors at all times, but if it ever accidently wandered out and someone shot my cat - they would not only pay for the vet bills I would take them to court and do everything I can against them. INCLUDING publish it across the nation. I'm sure their employers would love to see such articles too-you see-do a crime, you got to do the time, INCLUDING the publicity it brings. -YES INCLUDING THE PUBLICITY IT WILL BRING!~ and I would hope people value their jobs not to end up plastered in the news like that.

Yes. It is considered animal abuse. Be especially careful with other peoples' cats, as there is a potential for lawsuit.

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First off, I don't think the people above understand what an airsoft gun is. It's not a BB gun, its a toy that shoots little plastic balls. I have shot myself in the leg (through my jeans) with one of these at close range (2 inches) to prove to my little brother-in-law that they aren't dangerous to the skin. The pain it caused at 2 inches was similar to what it would feel like if you were snapped by a rubber band at close range, it stings but does not come close to breaking the skin Being hit by one of these at more than 10 feet would not hurt too bad, it might sting a little. If you wanted to compare it to what a cat would feel just put on a sweater on. At 10 feet, with a sweater on, it would not even sting. I should mention that being hit in the eyes with an air soft would probably not feel too good and could cause damage at close range but so would a Nerf dart, which is made of foam (a friend of mine did this by accident). You also shouldn't put salt in your eyes.

Is it illegal to shoot a cat with one of these? I would liken shooting a cat with an airsoft to spraying a cat with a hose. It will scare the cat but will not cause any permanent damage. I would have to argue that it would not be illegal. Is it illegal to throw a small stick at a cat to get him out of your yard? If the stick doesn't injure the cat, I doubt that any court would want to hear about it.

I think it would be fun to shoot at my cats with an airsoft when they jump up on the counters. I could use a spray bottle with water and vinegar but that just

makes a mess .

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Q: Is it illegal to shoot a cat with an airsoft gun?
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