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Some shareware software allows to use it for so called trial version. Also some shareware software allows to use it during all time since it was installed, but you have read agreement to find out which conditions they apply. But the huge portion of shareware software does not allow to use it after trial period if it has it. And to have such software installed on your computer and use it is illegal.

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Why do people use Linux. Its illegal?

Linux is not illegal. Linux is a free, public license software modeled on Unix.

Where can you download free PlayStation 2 games?

Pirated software (and bootlegs) is illegal. This website, its company, and its community neither condone nor endorse the creation, transference, or use of pirated software or parts of software in both commercial and private use. Any knowledge or susceptibility of this illegal crime can and will be reported by users to the respective company which owns the rights to the software(s).If you really want free, full versions of software, try open source.

What is the differences between legal and illegal software?

For software to be legal, it either has to be free, or you had to have paid for it from the original producer of it. If someone else buys the software, and you make copies of it and hack it to make it work or use someone else's license details to make it work, that is illegal. Software can also be illegal in terms of content. If the software is about an illegal theme or encourages illegal acts (like rape, molestation, murder, terrorism), it may be illegal depending on the country, or illegal in certain situations (such as in public, or in front of children). Or the software could be illegal in the sense that it is a virus or a hacking tool, or otherwise damages computers and computer security..

Are Xbox mods illegal to use?

Yes, it's illegal to tamper with their software to add the modifications.

What is the difference between legal and illegal software?

Legal software is either open source, freeware, or purchased software. Open source and freeware are going to be listed by the creator as free, no obligation software, while purchased software will be bought at a store or online. Illegal software is any version of software that you normally have to purchase, which is listed online or elsewhere for free, not from the manufacturer.

Is it legal to download free games?

Some software is legal to download and use freely. It's called Freeware. Some software is free to download and try, if you continue to use it after the trial period, you are expected to pay some fee, this is known as Trialware or Shareware. Some software is illegal to download at all. You should check before downloading. Some people will put proprietary, purchase software, such as Microsoft Office, on sites to download, but that is illegal.

Why do you buy Microsoft Word 2003 software?

Because it is illegal to download it for free.

What software is obtained for free but has a fee for further use?

It is called Free Trial Software.

What free software will assist me with my taxes?

You can go to H&R block and use their software on their site for free. You can also use the TurboTax software for free, also with customer assistance if you need it.

What is the name of the current legislation that makes it illegal to use unlicensed software?

Copyright infringement of software.

Can you get Sony Vegas for free?

yes you can download keygens which are generally easy to use, i know that their is a large amount of keygens for sony software but be aware that this is illegal

What is the best kind of accounting software?

Many accounting software will have a free trial and then when you want to use it there is a cost. However if you go to you can use and download their software for free.

How do you get a microsoft product key for free?

that would be illegal. If you want a free office software, go for . That is very powerful yet FREE

What is the difference between free software and open source software?

Free Software means Software you can use without PAY(All Free Software are not Open Source) Open Source Software means it is free and you can edit and modify it as per your needs and you can contribute.

What is a keygen?

It is an illegal program that will generate a serial number for whatever game or software that it is made for. It's the equivalent of piracy because you have to pay for the software in order to obtain a serial number to use the software, yet a keygen allows you to use the software for free. Not fair for those who spent countless hours creating the software that you want to use. Therefore, WikiAnswers cannot nor will not provide information on where to obtain keygens or how to use them.

In which countries do we find the most use of illegal software?

The presence of illegal software used is highest in some Asian countries, followed by Eastern Europe, and the United States.

Free Registration code bookworm? does not provide illegal access or codes to commercial software.

How do you get MW3 for free?

The most valid way to get software for free is via pirating sites. However, this is an illegal and untrustworthy source of data and software such as video games. Plus, you risk the possibility of obtaining software you did not intend to download.

What is freeware license?

Freeware is software that is totally free. The author (provider) does not charge a user to use the software. Shareware is similar. You can use the software free for a time, but then the author requests payment.

Where can I use the tax return software for free?

If you are wondering whether or not you can use the tax return software for free because a lot of the consumers do it, then the answer would be that there is no way.

Is it illegal to use frostwire?

FrostWire is technically a legal software. When it is installed however you agree to not use it in any illegal ways, which most people do anyway.

Why is project management software offered for free?

Project management software is offered for free because it's a very optional tool to use. It would simply not be profitable for anyone to use a project management software if it wasn't free.

Is crack file downloading illegal?

Yes, because a crack file bypasses the need to purchase the software, thus you obtain the software for free - which is piracy.

What is meant by free accounting software?

It is software that you can use to help with accounting problems and you can get it for free. There are probably many, many options out there which you can get.

Is tubehunter software legal?

it depends what it is used for, if it is used for theft or to infiltrate a computer that doesnt belong to you. then the use of the software is illegal