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Yes and no. It cook evenly food needs rotated, a turntable will eliminate the need of rotating 1/2 way through the cooking. I've had both, and I vastly prefer the one with turntable. A major problem with microwaved food is heating unevenly. A turntable virtually eliminates the problem. Also- put a saucer in your microwave, and put the plate or microwave dish on top of it. It will heat more quickly, and more evenly, because the waves can enter the food from the bottom as well as top & sides.

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Q: Is it important to have a turntable in a microwave convection oven?
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Does this microwave have a turntable?

Yes, this Jenn Air microwave oven does have a turntable for you to place food on.

Is a microwave mechanical?

Microwave energy is a form of electromagnetic energy. However, a microwave oven, which is also referred to as a microwave, can have mechanical parts, such as a turntable, a convection fan, or a mechanical timer.

What is the difference between a convection microwave oven and a regular microwave oven?

A convection oven moves the air, a microwave does not.

Does the microwave oven have a turntable?

Yes, there is a turntable inside of the microwave so the food will be cooked evenly.

Does it have a turntable inside?

This Microwave Oven does have a turntable inside. The dimensions of the turntable are 10 3/4 inches.

What is a revolving oven?

This probably refers to a turntable inside a microwave oven.

Why does a microwave oven turntable rotate in either direction?

The turntable in a microwave oven is driven by an alternating current motor which may start in either direction at random and continues to travel in that direction until stopping. The reason for using a turntable in a microwave oven is that the microwave energy is not evenly distributed across the oven. The turntable allows the food to receive an equal amount of energy by turning across the uneven microwave field. The microwave energy is turned to heat within the food. It actually does not matter in which direction the turntable rotates in order to evenly cook the food.

What is the difference between a regular microwave and convection microwave ovens?

The difference is in the features. A regular microwave only features the normal microwave functions. However, a convection microwave oven also has a built-in convection oven in it.

How does this Whirlpool convection oven and steamer differ from a microwave oven?

While microwave technology allows you to cook food quickly, the white Whirlpool GH 7208XRQ convection oven includes microwave as one of its features of convection, microwave, steamer, and oven; therefore essentially making the convection oven a more functional kitchen appliance.

Can you put tin foil in the oven?

In a convection and in a conventional oven yes. NOT in a microwave oven. Sure as long as it is not a microwave oven.

What is the purpose of the turntable inside of the microwave oven?

The turntable in a wirowave oven is there to rotate the food so that it is heated evenly, if the turntable was not there, food would be heated more on one side than the other.

Where can you buy a microwave-convection oven combination?

I bought a microwave-convection oven at Sears, but you can find them at any good-sized appliance store.

How does convection heat food in a microwave oven?

convection heats your food in a microwave oven because it heats the fluids and water in the food to gradually cook it

How does a convection oven work when it is part of a microwave-convection oven combo?

What you have is a microwave oven that cooks like a conventional convection oven. It uses fans to distribute the heat more effectively than a regular microwave. The cooking times will be far less than a normal convection oven. Myself I like some things cooked slowly and others fast. For fast cooking I'll stick with a regular microwave and for the other stuff a regular convection oven. That's just my opinion other folks may have better ideas.

Does the convection part of microwave-convection oven combo give off microwaves?


I do not have convection mode in my microwave oven grill can i make pizza n cake without convection mode?

You can make a pizza or cake in your microwave oven without a convection mode, but the results may not be as desirable.

Can you put aluminum foil in oven?

Yes you can, in a standard conventional or convection oven but not in a microwave oven.

Does a microwave oven with a turntable work better than the ones with fans?

All microwave ovens have turn table. The heating in microwave takes place due to radiations and for getting uniform heating turn table is necessary. The fan helps in uniform distribution of heat which means the oven with fan for air convection will give better results.

What is a convection-microwave oven?

A convection and microwave combination oven is an appliance that combines the functions of both units in just one piece of equipment. This appliance will look much like a microwave oven, but will have conventional resistance (electric) heating elements in it as well as the little fan to provide the convection. This unit will function in either capacity, and about the only drawback is that the convection oven has a limited volume. Bon appétit!

Can aluminum baking dishes be used in the microwave-convection oven?

yes but only in convection mode setting..NOT to be used in microwave setting

Does the microwave oven have a convection oven feature?

Yes this has a convection cooking control feature as well as a durable stainless steel finish.

What is combi1 meaning in microwave oven?

Your microwave oven has "combination" features, most likely a combination of microwave and convection cooking. Consult the user manual for your specific oven to find out how to use these features.

Are there microwaves that come with a spinning glass plate?

The HEC Microwave Oven comes With the Glass Turntable

Explain the use of the turntable in a microwave oven?

A turntable in a microwave oven rotates the food being warmed or cooked, with evenness of heating being the aim. A microwave oven is a sealed box, a Faraday cage, into which microwaves--nonionizing radiation of about 2.45 GHz frequency--are injected. The microwaves are generated by a magnetron and fed into the box at only one point via a waveguide. So better ovens will use a microwave stirrer, a turntable, or both to help the microwaves more evenly reach the food.

What simple machines make a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is an electrical appliance. About the only simple machine involved might be the turntable, which is a wheel and axle, and it could be argued that the door is a lever.