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"Under field conditions" is more idiomatic.

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Q: Is it in the field conditions or under field conditions?
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What is a field hockey ball made of?

A field hockey ball is made of all plastic. The plastic depends on the weather and field conditions. Polyurethane balls will not shatter under cold conditions. Vinyl balls are great for hot weather, but freezing conditions could make the ball crack and break.

What is the life span of an earthworm?

Scientists predict that their average lifespan under field conditions is 4-8 years.

What happens under the conditions?

To what, under which conditions?

Which activity is an example of OT and E?

Field tests conducted under the operational conditions of a system to determine its effectiveness and suitability.

Working conditions in the field of IT?

A cubicle.

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Under ideal conditions, population increases.

Is the maloney dilator inserted under sterile conditions?

Maloney dilators are inserted into the esophagus by the anesthesia provider because this cannot be done from the sterile field.

What Under what conditions slaves were transported?

they were horrible conditions :(

What are semiconducters?

semiconducters are substances that can conduct electricity under some conditions but not under other conditions

Is Neon is a gas under normal conditions?

Yes. Neon is a gas under normal conditions.

Under what conditions can snow fall?

Snow can fall at conditions under 0 degrees C.

What has the author Leslie H Parmele written?

Leslie H. Parmele has written: 'Estimating evapotranspiration under nonhomogeneous field conditions' -- subject(s): Agriculture

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