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depends on how the court papers read. who has custody? No, it might be depending upon circumstances considered parental abduction, but if the father knew where the child was, it is unlikely that such a charge could be upheld. If the father has sole or primary custody he could report it as a commission of a crime and seek prosecutory action. Or he could petition the court for a writ of habeas corpus to have the child returned to his custody. Basically the mother could be held in direct contempt of a court order, unless she could show "just cause" as to her actions. Such as substantiated evidence of the child having been subjected to neglect and/or physical or emotional abuse. If the child was taken across state lines the case could become a bit more complicated, but kidnapping would not be a consideration pertaining to any criminal charges.

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Can a mother be charged for kidnapping of a minor child for traveling out of US without a fathers permission?


Can you bring a minor out of the country if you are not the parent?

Not without parent permission. It could be considered kidnapping without that.

What is considered kidnapping?

taking someone (sometimes by force), illegally or without permission

Is it kidnapping if father moves his son out of state without mothers permission?

Yes, because it is unauthorized act of taking away somebody.

Can you travel to Puerto Rico with your Kids without their fathers permission?


Can a mother take a child abroad without the fathers permission?

No. Both parents permission is necessary.

Can a parent kidnap a child?

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

Is it kidnapping if a parent takes child out of state without other parent permission?

During a normal visitation? No.

What happens if parent moves out of state without permission on visitation order?

If you bring the child it would be kidnapping.

Can you move out of state with your children without the permission of their biological fathers in New Jersey?


Can a mother put a baby up for adoption without the fathers permission?


Is it illegal to transport a minor without parent's permission?

Yes, it is illegal to transport a minor without the parent's permission. A person could possibly be charged with kidnapping for taking a minor anywhere with parental consent.

Can you bring your son to Oregon from California if his father has custody?

Not without his fathers and the courts permission.

If you signed temporary custody over to your mother of your son would you be charged with kidnapping if you took him without her permission?

Unless you go back to court and have the custody order reversed then yes, you could be charged with kidnapping because while the order is in effect she is acting as the parent.

How do you get my child back from the father if he has no legal rights?

If you have custody and the father keeps the child with him without your permission you can call the police for kidnapping.

16 year old boyfriend picking up 15 year old girlfriend without consent consitterered kidnapping even though the girlfriend agrees to go with you?

kidnapping is taking without permission. of course it is considered kidnapping. but its a cute thing that girls dream of sometimes. but when your busted, good luck

How far away can you move with your son without his fathers permission in the state of Minnesota?

30 miles

If never married can a woman take her child out of the country without the fathers permission?

If she has full custody, then yes.

Can i move out of my fathers house without his permission into my mothers house being a 17 year old female in the state of Illinois?

yes you can because you are moving to a family members house

Can a parent be charged with kidnapping if they take the child out of state with no custody arrangements through court?

If an adult takes a child without LEGAL custody, it is kidnapping-- in the USA, for sure. Depends. if you are still married and none of you have gotten temporary custody yet until the divorce is finalized, both have equal rights to the child and it would not be kidnapping. If you have never been married and the father have never applied for custody or visitation the mother have custody. So she can leave the state with the child without his permission but he cannot leave with the child without her permission.

If the fathers name is not on the birth citificate can the father put it on without the mothers permission?

No, and it would require a court order.

Can a mother move to Scotland from England without the fathers permission?

It depends how old she is and she should at least let him know

Can one parent take a child out of the state of tx without permission of the other parent?

No, you can't, especially if you have joint custody, that will be considered parental kidnapping.

My wife moved my kid out of California without my permission. Can she do this?

No, that is just wrong *she can. it's not consider kidnapping. best bet, fight for custody. good luck.

Can a man charge his children's mother for kidnapping if she refuses to bring them back after moving 4 hours away without permission from court and him?

No you have to have proof. Which you probobly don't