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No, it is called forgery.


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No, you have to be 18 to drop out of school without your parent's consent.

No. The only way to get married without parental consent is by being emancipated and going to school does not do that.

You can drop out when your reach 18 or at 16 with parental consent.

Answer16- Parental Consent. 18 without parental permission.

You can be 15 and drop out with parental consent. 15 with parental consent 17 without

yes, a 16-year-old with parental consent can drop out of high school in texas. 18-year-olds can drop out without parental consent.

You have to attend High School if you are of school age if you are a US citizen. If you are of another nationality you would have to have the relevant visa and parental consent if you are under 18.

yes you can, but you half to be in highschool.

No. Some states allow students to "drop out" of school after the age 17, but parental consent is still needed.

Yes, Required that he / she is 18, or 16 with parents consent.

You can if you are an adult. Otherwise the parent will have to consent and the child be 16 or older.

no, you must be 18yrs of age or older unless you have parental consent. i know, i've tried

Yes. You only need parental consent if you're enlisting at 17 (which is the minimum age of enlistment).

The legal minimum age to drop out of school is 16, but you must have parental consent. Once you reach 18, however, you are free to drop out without parental consent.

No, the age of majority is 18. You would need to be legally emancipated if you want to leave home without parental consent.

If you are pregnant you can drop out of school like the of 17 or 18 that all of the answer i have for you girls.

As of March 2008, 17 is the youngest age for someone to dropout of high school without parental permission.

18, it used to be 16. but the laws have changed, in the state of Texas you have to be 18 to drop out of school on your own. you can be 16, with parental consent and be able to drop out. thats the youngest age, and you have to have parental consent for any other age between 16-18.

Im not positive but probably with parental consent

US states establish compulsory education laws. There are no states which allow a minor to drop out of school without the consent of parents or a legal guardian or permission from the court.

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