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You can paint your own property. You can NOT paint any NY City street or parts thereof.

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Q: Is it legal to paint an entrance to driveway in nyc?
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Is there a website were you can you check if a driveway is legal in New York city?

A legal driveway in NYC is one with a curb cut in front of a driveway or lot. See NYC.GOV on web site and scroll down agencies and hit Transportation for DOT site for proper definitions and rules.

What is the minimum required width of a driveway in New York City?

8' is the legal width of a diveway in nyc

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altho their was controversy it is not illegal

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No i do not think so unless your distracting somebody

Is it legal to ride a dirt bike on the street of nyc?

No, unless it is a street legal registered dirt bike.

Is it legal to cover one plate when parking in nyc?

As long as one of your plates are showing in the front or back

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