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I just had my wisdom teeth removed and the teeth next to the wound were very sore for about a week and a half.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-27 17:32:44
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Q: Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to hurt?
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Is it normal for a tooth next to an extraction site to hurt?

Yes, very normal I've had 11 teeth pulled and i realized that every tooth next to each spot where tooth was hurt so I suggest Advil or Tylenol.

Is it normal for a tooth extraction to bleed the next day?

Probably because I got only a baby tooth pulled out and it bled for five hours.

Is it normal for stitches to start falling out the day after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes, its normal :) Mine fell out within the next day or two, and it's completely normal. Just be careful not to pull them out because it hurts a lot X_X

Is it normal for a molar tooth to fall out and then the little tooth next to it fall out the next day?

Definitely not normal. Sounds like some serious tooth disease happening there. See a dentist.

Is it normal for the tooth next to the tooth you had pulled start hurting?

NOT unusual at all. THE tooth next to an extraction site may have undergone a mild displacement or some trauma and that may manifest as pain. It is likely to be only of a very short duration. HOWEVER in most cases you may attribute the pain to the next tooth though it may be pain from the extracted site , we humans are not exactly great when we comes to pinpointing sites of pain origin.

What to do if the gum next to tooth extraction site hurts?

You must rinse with water and salt. If the pain remains a few weeks after your dental extraction, or if you feel swelling, then you must consult your dentist.

Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to become loose?

It is something that can happen, but not necessarily something that is supposed to, unless you have gum disease around it. Don't play with it and chew on the other side. It may well firm up again. If it stays loose after a week, it would be recommended to have it checked by your dentist.Personal Experience:In my case it happened, because the tooth being extracted was extremely close to the next tooth's roots. It could not be extracted without impacting the stability of the other and remaining tooth. With it being loose, YES it did hurt and I avoided any kind of contact with it for at least a month, until it started to feel better/firm. I've had a total of 5 teeth pulled and it only happened ONCE.

Your mouth is bleeding one day after your extraction what should you do?

After an extraction, it is normal to have bleeding the next day. However, if you are concerned that it is a large amount or something like that you should consult the dentist.

Is it possible when you had your back tooth pulled that the tooth next to it was lifted?

No. I am going to assume that the most likely reason you tooth was pulled was due to a significant amount of caries (cavities) or disease to the surrounding periodontal (gum) tissue. So the bacteria that caused your first tooth to be pulled could have already done damage to the tooth next to it. In your case, the bad tooth was probably helping support the one next to it, and once it was pulled, the tooth left behind is on its own. So in this situation the extraction had very little to do with "lifting the tooth next to it" Give it a 4-6weeks for the healing process to complete and the loose tooth should firm up.

Why does the tooth next to extraction site feel bigger?

Because the inflammation of the gums highly affects the cuspid rise on the upper and lower portions of the jaw.

Can you chew or dip after a tooth extraction?

Yes, but try to dip to the opposite side of the tooth extraction, and use pouches or wrap the dip in gauze if possible. After dipping, drink nothing but milk for the next 30 minutes to an hour. Nicotine has a very acidulous pH concentration, so you need to neutralize that with the milk. ChaCha!

When the tooth next to the molar is lose does it hurt?

You should not lose the one in the back of it. The one in front of it is just like losing a tooth. The moler hurts when getting it out. You can't lose wisdom teeth!

I had a root canal done. but now i feel some pain on the tooth that is next to the tooth i had my root canal done.. is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal I can't remember what my dentist called it but she says its when one tooth has something done to it, automatically all the teeth around feel the pressure and strain. I had 4 root canals last week and at first I thought they had done a root canal to the tooth behind it also because it hurt so bad and all the sudden felt loose. They told me nothing had been done to it and that was perfectly normal and after like 2 days it went away.

Is it okay to brush after wisdom tooth?

Don't brush it the day you got your wisdom tooth taken out. The next day you can brush slowly and try to rinse with an antibiotic liquid. Try not to spit because that could hurt you.

Is it normal for the tooth next to a tooth with its root exposed to hurt?

Sometimes the teeth beside a sore tooth can feel sore also. This is called 'referred pain'. The pain will never appear on the opposite site (ie. left vs right), but it may be felt on the upper or lower teeth on the SAME side. This happens because the same nerve trunk supplies all of the teeth on one side of your mouth.

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I'm getting a tooth removed next week. Not a molar it's a front tooth And I was wondering... Does it hurt Thanks I'm 14-16 if that helps?

No, It doesn't. You don't even feel the injection. You will feel a lot of pulling, but no pain whatsoever. Get laughing gas. It is fun. You feel like you are floating on a cloud. getting your teeth cleaned is 10 times worse than extraction. Don't Worry. It is actually fun.

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Can a woman have intercourse the next day after wisdom tooth extraction?

Of course. What makes you think it wouldn't be ok? yes, unless they took your wisdom tooth out of your vagina. lol. i didn't want to do anything except sleep after i got my wisdom teeth removed. hmmm, sex increases epinephrine output, which contracts blood vessels and increases blood pressure. If you don't want your blood extraction sites to burst, i would stick with the doc's advice on that one, just sayin...

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