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Answered 2007-02-13 22:45:18 Wisdom teeth are the third molars, found far back in the mouth. In general, people have three permanent molars that develop in each quadrant of the mouth

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Is it normal to lose your molars when your 10?

Yup, I started to lose my molars when I was only 9.

Is it normal to have head pressure if you molars are coming out?

Yes, it is very normal to have head pressure when you need to get your molars out. Teeth pain can cause a lot of pain in your head.

How many teeth does a normal adult have?

The normal adult dentition is 32 teeth, including the third molars (wisdom teeth). Some people do not develop third molars, so normal dentition for them would be 28 teeth.

Is it normal to have 28 teeth?

Yes. It is it is average. I have 27 and that's because my molars didn't grow in :)

How many molars does the adult human have?

Including typical wisdom teeth, the normal adult dentition includes 12 molars (six in each arch).Remember though, there are many anomalies (variations) in dental anatomy, and some people can have more or less teeth than what is considered 'normal.'Look up the terms 'supernumerary teeth' and 'congenitally missing teeth.'Twelve molars, in 4 groups.

What if your daughter is 4 and her wisdom teeth are coming tho is this normal?

this is not normal. are you sure they aren't just her molars? go see your dentist they will xray her mouth and tell you what to do

How many roots should lower molars have?

usually in normal cases they are two roots also called bifurcated tooth

Does it hurt to get molars?

Not at all! I was worried too, but when I lost mine, and my new tooth was growing, everything was perfectly fine! If your gum feels unusual, that's normal. Bleeding is also common when it comes to molars. Just brush gently when you get to your molar to be.

Does everybody have 12 year molars?

I believe you are referring to the second molars. Yes , all men and women have a normal complement of 4 twelve year molars. That's two in the upper jaw and two in the lower.(one on the right and one on the left) However there may occur a congenital absence of one or more teeth. It is rare but not unheard of.

How many teeth do human adults have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

Are you supposed to lose your bottom molars?

This is a difficult question to answer without more information. If you are talking about your baby molars then yes, you lose them and they are replaced by the adult premolar teeth. You lose these between the ages of 9 and 12. At this time your adult first molars are usually already erupted and your adult second molars are just starting to erupt. See the tooth eruption chart below. If you are referring to your adult molars then, no, under normal circumstances you should not lose them. We routinely extract the wisdom teeth (adult 3rd molars) however loss of adult teeth usually indicates some kind of disease process, such as Periodontal Disease. Hope this helps! Dr. Nathan Saydyk

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Is it normal to have hair around your behind?


Is it normal for an 11 year old developing girl to find lumps in her breast specifically behind the nipple?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. The lump behind the breast is called the thelarche, for it to form is normal.

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How many teeth does a average human adult normally have?

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

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What are 3 classifications of orthodontic treatment?

There are three main classifications of bite arrangement. Class I: First molars are in normal relation Class II: Lower first molar is behind upper first molar Class III: Lower first molar is in front of upper first molar There are several ways of treating.

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Are wisdom teeth in addition to the normal sixteen teeth found in adults?

An adult human has 32 teeth, not 16. 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. 4 of these teeth, 2 on top and 2 on bottom are the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are located at the very back of each side of the mouth, behind the last molars

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