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Yes it is normal. BEWARE! He could be married! If he is divorced, the you've got to find out why he hasn't remarried. It's odd to me that at 50 he's still wandering around. Usually men of that age are either recently divorced (or cheating) or a widower and most of them are scooped up quickly by some woman his own age because it's a fact there are more women on this earth than men. Age is usually no factor in true love, but I am sure you realize this man won't be able to keep up with you because of your youth and you'll soon grow tired of that. Ask some wives whose husbands come home after a long days work; has a shower, perhaps a drink, sits dazed in his chair well he waits for dinner. Not to mention he really isn't into conversation but suddenly comes alive if a football or hockey game is on. Ask a woman with a 50 year old man about the aches, pains he has and excuses he can find not to go out dancing or just having plain good old fun. While 50 isn't ancient (I'm 64, my husband 60) many of us strive to keep ourselves in good physical condition and we can run circles around some of the younger ones, but for every one of us, there are those men/women that don't physically look after themselves and they tend to have more health problems. If you truly are attractive to this man, then take it slow and easy and you might find out he's a lot of fun, and energetic and it could be right for you. There is nothing wrong with your age and his and the only way you are going to know what this man is all about is to go out with him. However, BE CAREFUL! Double date and don't go out alone together for the first couple of times and remain in crowded areas. A woman can't be too careful these days. The magic words are "slow and easy." Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it normal for a 56-year-old man to tell a 34-year-old woman he wants to get serious after the first date?
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