Is it normal for a vagina to smell bad when you are pregnant?


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It is normal for every woman's vagina to have a unique smell

but if it smells like rotten fish or something similar it might be an infection

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Mine did... it smelled really bad the whole time I was pregnant.

all vaginas smell different and all smells are normal as long as you keep it clean

Yes, and no. A man puts a deposit in your vagina after having sex, so it is going to have some sort of smell. If you think the smell is very bad or clumpy, you might want to think about seeing a gyno.

Kinda fishy but not bad. If it smells like rotten fish you have a infection.

Yes it can give the vagina an odor. Semen has a smell and a vagina's have a smell so when that semen is sitting in the vagina, it causes a certain smell. Sometimes a light fishy.

ya it smells and tastes like a bloody vagina, it will go away after the 3rd day

No they do not. It's just are from your vagina, not gas.

cause if you dont it will make your vagina smell realy bad and also its possible to get a bad infection in ur vagina if you dont wipe it

well there are many things that can cause a vagina to smell, like poor hygen, or infections. Mostley yeast infaction can make the vagina smell pretty bad.

i guess you could smell it, if it doesnt smell normal its bad

It is always bad to smell pine sol, whether you're pregnant or not.

No but that you have reached puberty. The hormones make it smell more then but it should not smell bad and the smell changes with the cycle.

Yes. Discharge is what cleans the vagina. It´s perfectly normal. You only need to be concerned if it smells bad or anything else out of the ordinary.

It's the normal smell so you don't have to but you can always check with a finger. If it's a infection you will notice if it smells bad when you go to the bathroom.

Humans probably smell bad to dogs but normal to other humans...

no of course not it's a beautiful country and smell normal

It is not bad it is called lactating. It is normal if you are pregnant.

It's normal for the vagina to have some musty smells. However, if it gets bad, it could be due to bad hygiene, reaction to the material in woman's panties, illness, disease, foods she ate., and other issues.

Not at all. Smelly vagina is due to bad hygiene and/or bacterial infection.

Your vagina should smell musky but clean, it may be stronger if you need to bathe but shouldn't smell bad. If your vagina smells bad, such as like fish or ammonia, it's a sign of a vaginal infection such as Bacterial Vaginosis. See your doctor for tests and treatment.

No, the normal smell of girl's vaginal fluid is the same as that of guys. If there is any smell at all, it might be associated with an infection of vagina, like chlamydia or any other std. If there is a colourful/white discharge along with smell, it sure is infection, and a doctor must be consulted.

Yes, but a bad odor may indicate something a medical condition.

You don't. The vagina is self cleaning. That is why there's discharge. Some women douche but that is bad for the natural flora of the vagina and makes it easier to get infections. The vagina is supposed to smell a bit fishy but rotten fish though and the smell changes with your cycle. No man will get turned on if it smells of strawberry or something. The smell is a part of the arousal when it comes to sex.

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