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First of all, WHY would you smell it? I think it is normal, I mean everyone smells differently.

2006-08-21 23:27:26
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Is it normal for a vagina to smell bad when you are pregnant?

It is normal for every woman's vagina to have a unique smell but if it smells like rotten fish or something similar it might be an infection

How do you make my vagina smell normal?

1st off... there is no normal vagina smell, all vaginas smell different. some smell like fish and some smell like strawberrys. you shudn't worry about it, your body is your body and you can't do anything about your body. as long as you keep your vagina clean and you wash it regularily, then don't worry about it

Is it normal for your vagina to smell like metal?

Because of the iron in your blood.

How does a normal vagina smell?

Kinda fishy but not bad. If it smells like rotten fish you have a infection.

Why does your armpit sweat smell like onions?

ANSWER:Armpits sweat can smell like onions when a person have a hyyperhidrosis.It is an unormal condition that the armpits smell to much because of a sweating problem.Armpits can smell like onions also because of a bad hygiene...

What is a vagina meant to smell like?

It is not "meant" to smell like anything. A foul smelling vagina means an unclean/infected vagina.

You find that you have a smell at times but a fishy smell but dont smell it till after you have had an orgasm?

The normal scent for a vagina is a kinda fishy smell so that is normal unless it smells like ritten fish. Then you probably have a yeast infection. To smell it after an orgasm is normal to since you have the vaginal fluids coming out.

Do men like the smell of a woman's vagina?

men love the smell of a well groomed vagina. the less hair, the better as hair traps normal body odor and sweat. if a man doesnt like to eat vagina, he is either a homosexual or the girl is not clean. period.

Why does your air conditioner smell like onions?

if u would have noticed the onion smell comes only when you cut onions .

How come your vagina has a Clorox or ammonia smell?

why does my vagina smells like clorox

Is it normal to have a bad smell after tooth extraction?

ya it smells and tastes like a bloody vagina, it will go away after the 3rd day

Why does your wifes fanny smell like onions?

probably her diet

Why does ice smell like onions?

because it has the same incredents like your mom..

What do pickles smell like?

it smells like a pickle

What does a vagina smell like when it gets wet?

The best smell ever! a smell better than poo

What does your vagina smell like at the beginning of a pregnancy?


Why does your vagina smell like mold?

Take a bath!

Is it wrong to like your girlfriends vagina smell?


What does a vets office smell like?

Dirty vagina.:)

Why do yeast infections smell?

Because its coming from your vagina. They smell like strong cheese

Do you like onion?

no , I mean who in the world like onions they smell bad. They make me cry:( :( :( :( :(

How do you get rid of fishy vaginal smell?

That's a bacterial infection and meds are at the pharmacy or you go see a gyno.The normal smell of a vagina is kinda fishy though but it shouldn't be like rotten fish.

Why does a vagina smell like latex after sex?

because of the condom...

Why does sophies vagina smell?

because she don't wash like

How Peyton list vagina smell like?

Fresh apples