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i encounter this day a bown spotting that i never encounter on my last pregnancy,does it safe to have brown spotting?

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Q: Is it normal in pregnancy to have brown blood?
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If when you started your period five days ago it was brown with brown clots and has been this way during the whole period is it normal?

Brown blood is usually old blood but if it was light then rule out pregnancy.

Is low blood pressure normal in the ninth month of pregnancy?

is low blood pressure normal in ninth month of pregnancy

Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

Is it normal to have light period for one day and heavy on the 2nd day but on the 3rd day dark brown discharge is that a sign of pregnancy?

It is normal to have it heavy, light, or light, then heavy. It is dark brown at the end because the blood isn't fresh, as it is in the beginning. It's not a sign of pregnancy, it's completely normal.

What deas it mean when your period is brown?

Brown blood indicates 'old blood' and is normal and can happen before or after red blood or normal blood flow.

Is it normal to have a brown menstruation when you always have red ones?

If it was heavy then yes. Light and it is old blood and could be pregnancy related or caused by a hormonal inbalance.

What does it mean if you are on the pill and in the middle of the back you start spotting red and brown blood?

Brown blood is normal. When the blood is brown it just means that is dried blood. It doesn't mean anything you if have it. It is completely normal, especially for younger women. Bleeding while on the pill is normal.

Is it normal to spot brown blood during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Brown blood is usually old or dead blood leaving the body.. Some people bleed during their whole pregnancy and often mistake it for a period. But its also signs of ectopic pregnancy, placental abruption, pre-term labor and previous surgery but the best thing is to go to your doctor or whoever does your prenatal care.

Is it normal to have very light brown-pink spotting with light cramps two weeks after your period?

No this isn't normal. It sounds like implantation bleeding. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test now or wait 2 weeks and do a home pregnancy test.

What if your period blood was like a brown color?

This is normal. It's brown because it's old blood

Are you pregnant if you are bleeding brown blood?

If you are pregnant you don't bleed, and blood turns brown when it's dry, I suggest you get a pregnancy test.

Is brown discharge after a period a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is just old blood

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