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Of course it is normal. Your body is changing everyday. I have two children and I could hardly get out of bed with my first child and go to work for 8 hours! With my 2nd I slept all day long, everyday! He is now 28 months old and very healthy...besides the terrible 2's! Being sleepy is normal, and if you can, SLEEP!

It is normal. But if you are worried, check with your doctor. Everyone is different and every pregnancy can be different. If I were you, I'd check with my doctor just to make myself feel better. you!

i felt sick only a week after my period. at first i thought i was ill. but fivi weeks on still felt sick. ten weeks on still do.

Believe me its normal!! Im 18-20wks pregnant(4.5 to 5mnths) and I was sick and tired for the first three mnths straight!! All I wanted to do was sleep and get sick all day & night...

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Q: Is it normal to be feeling tired and sick two weeks into pregnancy?
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