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An increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very common. It should be white or creamy and not blood-stained, itchy or smelly. If it is any of these see your doctor as you might have an infection.

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Q: Is it normal to discharge when you are 14 weeks pregnant?
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You are 14 weeks pregnant and today you started spotting a brown discharge you also have been fainting a lot is this normal Help?

This is not normal and you should contact your doctor ASAP.

Could you be pregnant if you had one depo shot and went 14 weeks with brown discharge and had unprotected sex?

If you had brown discharge for the 14 weeks after the shot, this may be your reaction to it. If you had sex in the first 12 weeks you were protected. After that you were not protected.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am still not showing is this normal?

I am also 14 weeks pregnant and not showing yet - my clothes are tighter than they were, but that's about it. Have been told it's normal not to show until about 16 weeks onwards, but everyone's different....

Is it normal to have excessive white muscus discharge 1-2 days after sex when 14 weeks pregnant?

ummm... i don't think so you should go to the docter and have him/her check it out

Is a HCG level of 14 at 4 weeks pregnant normal?

Yes it is within normal range.

Is thick stretchy discharge while being 14 weeks pregnant?

An increase in vaginal discharge is normal, but then so are vaginal infections during pregnancy. Talk to your Dr. at your next visit and they will take urine to detect any bacteris if present.

If you are 14 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

14 weeks pregnant is about 3 and 1/2 months.

Can discharge stop after 14 weeks pregnancy?

No, you always discharge. That is the vaginal cleaning system.

Can you take a pill to get rid of a baby if you are 14 weeks pregnant?

No by 14 weeks it has to be by surgery.

Is it normal if you are 14 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 mornings you've had a pinkish-tan discharge but only in the morning?

call your doctor! or go to the er. you may have an infection, or it just might be something that happens to you. everyone is different and so is every pregnancy.

What can cause a brownish-pink discharge about 14 days after your period?

Light pink discharge is common if you are pregnant.

If your due date is feb 14 when did i get pregnant?

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the conception date was May 24th

At 14 weeks pregnant where in the stomach is the baby postioned?

At 14 weeks pregnant the baby is still positioned mostly behind the pelvic bone. The growth of a uterus at 14 weeks gestation is about a inch above the top of the pelvic bone.

How many weeks after ovulation to know if your pregnant?

2 weeks or 14 days.

You are 14 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

14 divided by 4 weeks in a month. 3 months and 2 weeks. starting your 2nd trimester

If you got pregnant on August 14 when would be my due date?

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the due date is May 7th

You are 14 weeks pregnant and ive been having stomach cramps for 5 days now is there anythin wrong?

cramps are normal during pregnancy

If your due date is March 14 2010 how many weeks are you?

If your due date is May 14, 2010 you are 9 weeks pregnant

What should you do if you're 7-8 weeks pregnant and you just started having a little bit of pink discharge and this happened with your last pregnancy and you miscarried at 14 weeks with the same pink?

You need to see your OB/Gyn for assistance. You also need to rest, limit stess and drink fluids. The bleeding can be normal, but if you are prone to miscarriage, see a physician immediately.

How many weeks from January 12 to April 25?

14 weeks and 5 days in a normal year and 14 weeks and 6 days in a leap year.

If I'm 14 weeks pregnant when is my due date?

If you are 14 wks pregnant today, your expected due date will be approximately August 13th.

Can a doctor determine the gender of a baby at 14 weeks?

14 weeks is a little early to tell, most ultrasounds are done between 16-20 weeks. I am 14 weeks pregnant with my third child and with my other two they were able to see at 16 weeks.

Your breasts are no longer tender and you're very nervous you're only a few weeks pregnant Is this normal?

I think it is very normal to be nervous at all stages of being pregnant. I am 14 weeks and still nervous.. Soon your morning sickness and fatigue should hit about six to seven weeks along and then you will be reassured you are fine... if you are really concerned you could always bring it up with your care provider.

Is it normal to start to show when your 6 weeks gone?

No, at six weeks the uterus is only about the size of a walnut and it not yet large enpugh to comeout of the pelvis. Most women are visibly pregnant naked from about 14-15 weeks and a couple of weeks after that they look pregnant clothed. No, but you may be bloated from your intestines slowing way down and you may have put on some water weight.

What happens if you ejaculate inside her if she is 14 weeks pregnant?

nothing at all