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Is it normal to experience stomach pains five days after sex?


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it means you are pregnant

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Yes, but technically you could also feel stomach pains before conception

Yes. That is normal actully. You can have menstrual pains up to 7 days. :)

That's normal. Most people get a very painful stomach pain once in a while when your period is nearing. (or other symptoms that indicate that your period is starting soon) Some people experience pain, some people not and every person can have a different time when they start getting period pains.

Yes, you can get some 'pains' that feel quite similar to period pain. You can also get twinges and little stabs. This is normal but any pain that is 'strong' or makes you stop in your tracks should be checked out by a doctor.

yes you are very lucky to have an intercourse hahaa

Hello Yes, I am afraid that there is - I have just been through this. I had a 'normal' first 11 weeks of pregnancy with no bleeding or stomach pains - I did have sickness but I thought this was normal pregnancy morning sickness. At 10.5 weeks I suddenly got some bleeding (light) and stomach pains like period pains. I had a scan 2 days later and they discovered - after some investigation - that it was ectopic although I had not had the typical symptoms. I had a laproscopy when I was excately 11 weeks. I don't think my story is typical but it can happen. Julie L. Oxford.

If you are on your period and you were 3 days late but you have stomach pains and eat all night, you might be worried that you are pregnant. If you were not using contraception, you could indeed be pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test, either at home or at the doctor's.

Period pains are not uncommon. One cause is contractions in the uterus. The best thing to do is see a doctor or pharmacist because some pain relief is possible but not always with conventional analgesics (pain killers). Be thankful though your pains are lasting only three days. Some women can experience period pains for two weeks.

aug22 my first iui done.after iui 2days higher stomach pain for me.and another days stomach pain is low.and then slightly lower stomach pain for me.what are the symptoms for this is?pls answered for me?

Well usually women start to feel it at 7 days and some may not feel it at all but usually all the way through your pregnacy you will have pains off and on depending on what type of person you are.

I was hit in the stomach by someone with a steel beam. Ever since then, i have been vomiting. No blood. Is this normal?

It is NOT normal . I have experience, my periods USUALLY last about 17 days. the SHORTEST was 10 days. For me though, its 17 days, and its HEAVY. IT IS CALLED " menorrhagia " It's basically a reproductive disorder. BUT, as you get older, this will disappear and your cycle will be regular, you know the 5-7 day cycle kinda thing, :) - Experience.

Lie on your stomach for a few days, you officially have a flat stomach. :)

usually a couple of days before your periods start, you will feel sick, like you want to throw up. this will last 3-7, or even more, days. then you will feel slight stomach cramps and back pains. then you will see blood a few days after.

Some of the signs I had was bad stomach cramps. Almost like sharp pains can not hardly walk or lay down. The outer body break out in an cold chill while the inner body has an fever. Last an heavy bleeding, lasted seven days instead of the normal four.

first it begins with stomach pains then it is then you feel dizzy . and within a few days you begin to lose contious and die painfully because chalk is very poisonous

You could be pregnant. Sometimes women experience mild cramping in early pregnancy as the body prepares for a growing embryo.

No you can not get a flat stomach in 12 days. Getting a flat stomach requires lots of exercise and hard work.

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