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No, after 5 days you should be feeling fine. You need to go back to the dentist and find out what the problem is.

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Q: Is it normal to have bad pain all around the side of your mouth if you had a tooth pulled five days ago?
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Is it normal to have problems opening your mouth 3 weeks after having your tooth pulled?

depends what type of tooth but normally no.

Swelling from a molder tooth being pulled?

Swelling from a molar tooth being pulled is normal. Take the medication that was prescribed to you and do not chew on that side of your mouth until it is healed.

When do you have to get shots in your mouth?

When you need your mouth numb. For example when you get a tooth pulled.

Why is it that your whole mouth hurt after getting your tooth pulled?

becuse you pulled it out and it hurts

How long do you keep the cotton in mouth after getting tooth pulled?

2 hour's

Do need antibiotic for a pulled tooth?

You don't need any antibiotics for a pulled tooth. this is because it is a wound inside the mouth and the mouth has a tendency to heal its wounds faster than any other part of the body does.

What to do for mouth pain after tooth is pulled?

Honestly, all you can really do is put ice inside a paper towel and put it where the tooth was pulled and take Ibuprofen, Benadryl or Motrin.

How long does your mouth hurt after tooth pulled?

It depends on who you are... It can be anywhere from hours to seconds. If you have a sensitive mouth, it could hurt for a while

Is it normal for the tooth in front of your wisdom tooth that got pulled to hurt?

Yes, its fairly typical with most people.

Is it normal not to feel your tongue after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?

Yes, for a day.

After tooth pulled fever cold sweats?

I just had my tooth pulled yesterday that was infected, I too have a slight fever and had some sweating last night... That is normal when you have a fever

Had a tooth pulled 2 days ago was feeling fine but now there is a lot of pain in the gums where the tooth was is it infected or is this normal?

This is probably normal if your gums hurt.

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