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i think the pains is to see how good your sex are or your the one being sex, and the cramps is about how special your position are.

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2009-05-28 13:56:00
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Q: Is it normal to have cramps and pains after sex?
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When pregnant is it normal to get cramps and pains in your stomach?

No it isn't normal and you should seek medical help.

When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps?

Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.

Why do you get stomach pains after sex?

the unusual stimulation and all the adrenaline. its like when you get nervous and you have stomach cramps. its just from exitement and adrenaline

Is it normal to have really bad stomach pains after sex?

If he goes hard and deep.

Is it normal to experience stomach pains five days after sex?

it means you are pregnant

Im 4 weeks pregnant and im having stomach pains like cramps what does that mean?

It means your normal......... Cramps happen during pregnancy... this is why you shouldn't get pregnant at 13.

Is it normal to experience cramps the day after you've had intercourse?

Mild cramping after vigorous sex is normal but severe pain is not.

Is it normal for a girl to have belly pains after sex for the first time?

If you're using the term "belly pains" I'm guessing you're too young to have sex in the first place.

What do growing pains feel like?

growing pains feel like cramps

Period Pains but no period blood?


Is it normal to have piercing pains in the abdomen and rectal area after non-rectal non-agressive sex?

I don't mean to sound harsh, but, you're asking if its NORMAL to have PIERCING PAINS?!?!?!? NO! It's NOT! EVER!

Do worse cramps cause worse labor pains?

It is hard to measure the relationship of cramps to labor pains since both can be very intense and vary from woman to woman.

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