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Is it normal to have puss looking stuff in tooth extraction site?

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Although you are not yet quite out of the woods with regard to dry socket, the white coating is normal. It is simply the blood clot, which takes on that appearance after the saliva has leached out the red blood cells. The smell is the natural consequence of organic clot material fermenting in a warm, moist environment, which favors putrefaction. This is likewise normal, and will fade as healing proceeds.


I just got my wisdom teeth out a week ago exactly at one of the best hospitals in the country. I had a partial dry socket which is pretty much just a really deep empty hole where the tooth was, and it was full of white stuff that smelled and tasted unbelievably bad. It was food, not scabs.

The doctor said there should be NO SCABS. Gum tissue is different and heals with fibrous tissue instead of scabbing. Maybe there will be some barely visible white tissue but that is not what you're seeing, you're seeing food that got pushed down there from normal chewing.

You need to clean it out or it's going to prolong healing and could cause infection. He gave me just a syringe with no needle, think like a tiny turkey baster, and told me just to squirt water into the hole until the food flushes out. It's called irrigating it. I use warm salt water because it helps kill bacteria but you can just use plain water if you'd rather.

I second that.

A dry socket is bad. I also used Oral-B mouth rinse for cuts. I have also used a Flavor Injector (needle and syringe type) block one opening and use the other to direct the stream. Be sure to dull the tip (OUCH).

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Puss looking stuff in tooth extraction site is that normal?


Is swelling a normal reaction to wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. It is normal.

Is it normal to be hungry every hour after a tooth extraction?

it is normal if its more then 8 teeth

Is it normal for a tooth extraction to bleed more than three days?


Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to hurt?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and the teeth next to the wound were very sore for about a week and a half.

Is it normal to have swelling several days after a tooth extraction with his throat as well?

Probably not.

Is it bad to eat beans after a tooth extraction?

People dont get their tooth before, 45, so they should avoid hard stuff.

Tooth socket black after tooth extraction?

Smoking after tooth extraction can cause this. Get it checked by a dentist.

How much for a tooth extraction in the UK?

Tooth Extraction in United Kingdom - $130

Is it normal to bleed after 48 hours of extraction?

No, if you are still bleeding 48 hrs after a tooth extraction, consult your dentist. If it is another type of extraction, your question should be more specific.

What about wisdom tooth extraction?

During this type of extraction, an oral surgeon will cut into the gum line to expose the tooth, from which point the extraction is performed much in the same way as a simple tooth extraction.

Is it safe to take Aleve after tooth extraction?

Is it safe to take aleve after tooth extraction?

Is wisdom tooth extraction reduces mind?

is wisdom tooth extraction reuces mind

Is it normal for a tooth extraction to bleed the next day?

Probably because I got only a baby tooth pulled out and it bled for five hours.

Is it normal for a tooth next to an extraction site to hurt?

Yes, very normal I've had 11 teeth pulled and i realized that every tooth next to each spot where tooth was hurt so I suggest Advil or Tylenol.

Can a upper tooth extraction effect sinus?

Yes, the extraction of an upper tooth can affect the sinuses.

Chips of teeth coming out a month after extraction normal?

Yes, this is a common event after extraction. It might be a piece of tooth that was left out, or a small piece of chipped bone.

Is head preasure and ringing in the ears normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

No. You are requested to consult the ENT specialist.

Is soreness normal after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. Didn't you read any of the materials your dentist gave you???

Is it normal to have pus in a tooth extraction site a week after having the tooth pulled?

No, that's a sign of infection. Go back to your dentist and get some antibiotics.

Can I eat after tooth extraction?

You can definitely eat after a tooth extraction. You should eat liquid or very soft foods on the opposite side of the extraction.

What can you drink after tooth extraction?

as soon as you wake up from your tooth extraction you can drink. hope that helps makkaattack

Is pressure in the head normal following wisdom tooth extraction?

No, but a headache and sore jaws are. You should call your dentist.

Can you get a massage after your tooth extraction?


Is your tooth extraction infected?

A tooth extraction can get an infection. A dentist or doctor will have to prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection.