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Yes your body is changing so fast now. Tell your spouse not to worry you'll be back to normal sex soon. And no it wont hurt the baby. If he starts to feel the baby, have him back up some. Your spouse will not "feel" the baby during intercourse unless his hand is on your stomach and the baby moves. For this to be possible, his penis would have to be so long that it would go past your cervix and into your uterus. And yes, it is normal to have either an increased or decreased libido during pregnancy. For each woman it is different.

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Q: Is it normal to lose all sexual appetite during early pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have less or nil sexual urge during pregnancy?

Yes it is.

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during pregnancy is it normal to have white pasty discharge cottage cheese looking especially during sexual intercourse

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during ovluation.

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During sexual intercourse usually.

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Reverse-cowgirl or doggy

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yeah, that's normal

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You can't control this during sexual intercourse.

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Only if you have a risky pregnancy and not a normal healthy one would you risk having a miscarriage by having sex during pregnancy. If you are asking if sex can make you induce an abortion on purpose the answer is no.

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YeS!!!! If you didn't know then don't have any more "sexual interactions" until you learn more about your body.

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Preventing pregnancy during sexual intercourse simply means using some form of birth control.Some methods of birth control include:birth control pillscondomsrhythm methodhormonal injections

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