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Yes your body is changing so fast now. Tell your spouse not to worry you'll be back to normal sex soon. And no it wont hurt the baby. If he starts to feel the baby, have him back up some. Your spouse will not "feel" the baby during intercourse unless his hand is on your stomach and the baby moves. For this to be possible, his penis would have to be so long that it would go past your cervix and into your uterus. And yes, it is normal to have either an increased or decreased libido during pregnancy. For each woman it is different.

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Q: Is it normal to lose all sexual appetite during early pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have less or nil sexual urge during pregnancy?

Yes it is.

When your pregnant can you have white pasty discharge?

during pregnancy is it normal to have white pasty discharge cottage cheese looking especially during sexual intercourse

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

Method of sexual intercross during pregnancy?

Reverse-cowgirl or doggy

Why appetite decreases when you are depressed?


Can you abort a 3 months by having sexual contact?

Only if you have a risky pregnancy and not a normal healthy one would you risk having a miscarriage by having sex during pregnancy. If you are asking if sex can make you induce an abortion on purpose the answer is no.

Is it normal to have breast pain after its pressing during the sexual excitement?

yeah, that's normal

Will the sexual interaction on normal day causes pregnancy?

YeS!!!! If you didn't know then don't have any more "sexual interactions" until you learn more about your body.

Could I practice sexual activities during pregnancy?

Yes, but it is advisable to avoid rough sex or the insertion of foreign objects (such as various sex toys) into the vagina during pregnancy.

A word to describe healthy sexual appetite?


How many pounds are you supposed to gain during pregnancy?

Depends who you had sexual intercourse with,,,,bull/cat?

Does baby comes from sexing?

Sexting cannot create a pregnancy, but it can lead to sexual activities that can cause conception. Conception can occur during sexual intercourse. A pregnancy can occur the very first time a girl has unprotected sex.

What's Women's Libido?

sex drive, sexual appetite.

What is the means of preventing pregnancy from occurring during sexual intercourse?

Preventing pregnancy during sexual intercourse simply means using some form of birth control.Some methods of birth control include:birth control pillscondomsrhythm methodhormonal injections

How syphilis is being acquiared?

Syphilis is spread by sexual contact with an infected person. You can also get it if your mother had it during her pregnancy.

What divides during mitosis?

Normal cells divide during mitosis. Make sure not to confuse this with the division of sexual cells, which is meiosis.

What position do you need to be in to make babys?

There is no special position during sexual intercourse to get pregnant. Any position can result in pregnancy.

What can cause pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse.

What is the most gratifying sexual position during pregnancy?

I found when I was pregnant the most pleasurable sexual position was for me to lie in an L shape with my husband entering from behind. it means that you aren't putting any pressure on your bump and is especially good for longer term pregnancy.

Is having a sudden urge for sexual activity a sign of pregnancy I know this might sound crazy but it's not normal for me. I can be laying on the couch and all of a sudden my hormones start raging.?

Take a pregnancy test.

What do condoms prevent?

pregnancy and sexual sickness's

What is sexual desire called?

Libido is the term for sexual desire but other terms can be used: sex drive, passion, sexual desire, sexual appetite, sexual urge, erotic desire, sex instinct, or the hots (informal).

Can a baby get chlamydia?

A baby only gets chlamydia from an infected mother during vaginal birth or, more rarely, from sexual abuse. If the mother is treated for chlamydia during pregnancy, the baby will not be infected. There are safe and effective treatments for women during pregnancy, and the infection is treatable in babies born with it.

Does it hurt to give birth if you still have your hymen?

The hymen would have broken during sexual intercourse, before pregnancy. So having a hymen during birth would not be an issue.

Why do teens got early pregnancy?

Pregnancy at any age is caused by sexual intercourse.