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yes it is cuz i used to have that problem when i was 14 i was scared i thought i was pregant but i called my doctor and thay said that it was normal it just nature yes its normal because when u sleep and wake up you just went 8 hours without peeing so of course ur gonna have to go

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โˆ™ 2009-04-13 15:26:21
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Q: Is it normal to need to go pee as soon as you wake up?
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Why do i pee the bed drunk?

You are too drunk to wake up when you need to pee.

Why do people have to go pee when they wake up?

Unless your bladder is really full, the need to pee doesn't interfere with your need to sleep. When you wake up, your brain realizes that it now needs to pee. Sometimes you need to go so urgently that you wake up anyway. Your bladder is screaming, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!". But for some people, their brain doesn't hear this desperate cry for help. And those people wake up to a damp bed.

Is it normal to wake up to pee every night?

In a human who is completely hydrated, it is normal to need to urinate every two hours. While asleep, the brain suppresses the urge somewhat, but it is still normal to need to urinate at some point during the night.

Why do dogs drink their pee?

At night my dog didn't want to wake me (or couldn't) and I would wake to hearing her drink her pee. I think she has manners and doesn't want to pee on the floor.

Dream meaning of walking through water?

According to Freud it might mean you need to wake up and have a pee.

What if your male dog can't pee and is in a lot of pain?

You need to get your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If it can not pee and it is in pain it is suffering and may die.

Is it normal for a twelve year old to pee the bed?

no but they might if they really need to

Is it bad for stiky pee to constinly come out of your body?

Its certainly not normal, but i wouldn't get worried. Go see a doctor as soon as you can.

Is it normal to feel like you need a pee when about to have a female climax through masturabation?

yes, this is very normal because many women have reported having to pee after having sex with their partner.

What does it mean when you wake up in your dream and go pee?

you probably have to go pee in real life

Why do you feel like peeing when you wake up?

the reason for this is all of the fluid left in your bladder builds up over night. in the day you go to the toilet quite a lot, so when you are sleeping it builds which is why you have to pee as soon as you wake up

Why does your stomach hurt when you pee?

Your stomach may hurt when you pee if you have not gone in a while if you are peeing frequently and your stomach still hurts you need to consult a doctor very soon.

What does your pee feel like when you are pregnant?

Like normal pee.

Is it normal if a rabbits pee is orange?

That is completely normal rabbit pee, Rabbit's can pee pretty much every color of the rainbow, Red pee too so don't worry.

Is it normal to pee on your feet?

for some quite normal

Is it normal for a hamster to pee on you?

Itโ€™s not โ€normal โ€œ I guess. They normally pee on you as a way to tell you they are scared of their surroundings or of you i hope this helps-

Why do you pee mucus during the first trimester of pregnancy?

I doubt you are peeing mucus, it is more likely that you can see mucus when you pee. The mucus is caused by the hormones telling your body to create more of it than normal. However, if you are actually peeing mucus, you need to speak to your doctor as soon as possible, because you could have a yeast infection

What do you do if you can't pee?

If you can't pee, and you drink too much liquid, then see a doctor. Otherwise, you can't pee if you haven't eaten a lot of foodGo to a docter!!!If you feel you need to pee but you can't, ask your doctor as soon as possible. You may have to see a specialist (called Urologist.)

Can you pee from your butt?

no for a normal person

What is it like to pee as a girl?


Why Is What if your Pee Yellow?

It's normal.

Is it normal for a male to pee out blood?


Is it normal for red nose puppy to pee blood?

It is NEVER normal for a puppy to pee blood. If there is blood in the urine contact your vet

How does your body know when to wake up to pee?

The pressure in the bladder causes pain.

What do Australopithecus do when they wake up?

Scratch themselves, then find a place to go pee.