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The moving of your baby is usually very reassuring. It isn't unusual for a baby to have quiet times when there is not a lot of activity. It may help to lay on your side to notice if the baby is moving or if it is still. If you feel the baby is not as active as what seems normal, discuss it with your doctor. You can always visit your doctor to hear the baby's heartbeat, but in most instances, there is nothing to worry about. Good Luck, Stacey I am in my 5th month of pregnancy also,And it helps to lay on my back,or to lay on my side and just leave my hand on my stomach to catch its quick moves. While it may be normal in some cases I would just like to add that I was pregnant at four months my doc told me the baby was under weight and would be ok. At five months I hardley ever felt him move. At six month I had lost all my fluid and had him he only weighed one pound and almost did not make it he is healthy now. Just be very careful and make sure if you think something is not right go strait to your doctor.

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Q: Is it normal to not feel the baby move after the fifth month?
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How often do you feel the baby movements in the fifth month?

Once or twice a day

Why can a woman not feel her fetus move before the fifth month of pregnancy?

we can feel the fetus before 5Th month. I am 2 and 1/2 months pregnant and I think I can feel my baby,this is my second baby and i can feel the fetus.but occasionally not all the time

Is it normal to feel big and bloated in the belly at 5-6 weeks pregnant?

You will start to feel bloated in the second month. Your body will adjust to having something inside of the uterus. When the baby is out your uterus will retract back to normal.

Can you feel your baby in the first month of conception?

No you cannot

Can a woman who is pregnant but bleeding feel the baby move inside?

Hi, Its very very unlikely to feel the baby moving in your Uterus until your in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Having a normal period every month, is definitely not pregnancy related.

How early in a pregnancy can you feel the baby move?

Very few pg wormen feel the baby movements after 16 weeks. But it is normal to feel the baby move only after 20 weeks.

When can other people feel the baby move?

People can start feeling the baby when they 5 to 6 month..

Is it normal to feel pelvic stretching at 5 months?

Yes this is normal depending on the position the baby is in.

Is it normal that you feel your baby move a lot at 17 weeks?


Is it normal for you to feel your baby move at 5 months pregnant?

yes, at 5 months you usually feel your baby move, quite a lot.

Is it normal to not feel your baby move at 17 weeks?

If it is your first baby you probably won't feel it move until around 20 weeks.

Is it normal to feel your baby move under your belly button?

Yes it is normal to feel your baby move under your belly button I'm pregnant with my third child and you feel the baby move any where it feels like kicking or turning. The only time you need to worry is if your baby inst moving at all.

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