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It can be if your constantly being sick. If not, see your doctor.

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Q: Is it normal to throw up mucus during pregnancy?
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Is it normal to throw up during the first week of pregnancy?

Yes. Only if its not 2 weeks.

Is throwing up stomach acid normal during pregnancy?

yes its very normal ive had 3 children and ive throw up loads

When pregnant how many signs do woman typically display?

Women can throw up during pregnancy. Women can have cramping during pregnancy. Women can have mood changes during their pregnancy.

Can you be further along in pregnancy than you thought?

Yes, you can. It is quite possible and normal to have a period or two at the beginning of pregnancy, so that can throw your calculations off.

Why does chew make you throw up?


Is it normal to have nausea and not throw up during early pregnancy?

Yes. It's your hormones. Some women may never experience nausea or vomiting, while others can have it for the full 9 months.

Losing weight before second period in the month are you preg?

You will start to loose weight sometimes during a pregnancy, this is normal. When you get sick and throw up you can loose weight from it. Talk to your doctor about weight loss.

When is the proper time to throw a baby shower?

At any time during the pregnancy convenient to those involved.

Is it normal to throw up all the time and lose appetite while pregnant?

During the first trimester, it is usually normal.

Do you get nauseous when you're pregnant?

It is very common to get nauseous and even sometimes throw up during pregnancy, particularly in the first 12 weeks. It is caused by the pregnancy hormones

What caused you to throw up yellow liquid?

When you throw up yellow liquid, it is usually just bile or mucus. You throw it up when it just has to come out.

Can swallowing too much mucus cause stomachache?

Yes! In fact, swallowing mucus can even cause you to throw up. If you have mucus in your system, try to cough or spit it out.

What can hyappen if a fly vomits or mucus on your food?

throw it away and catch the fly

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Is it ok to throw up everyday during pregnancy?

It's common but does usually not last the entire pregnancy, only in the first trimester. If you however can't keep any food down consult your doctor.

Is it possible there is no vomit during pregnancy?

Yes. Some few women are lucky enough to not throw up during the usual "vomit season" of pregnancy. Some vomit a little but not on a regular basis, and others vomit almost on a schedule. It varies from woman to woman.

What does it mean when you throw up mucus in the first trimester of pregnancy?

It probably doesn't mean anything but it depends what color it is. If it's clear it's fine. Anything like Brown, black, with hints of green you might want to see a doctor.

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When pregnant and you throw up and a mask of redness shows up on face how do you get rid of it?

The "mask of pregnancy" should disappear after you have the baby. It is not relate to the vomiting of pregnancy, the theory behind why women vomit during pregnancy, especially early in pregnancy is that it is the bodies way of keeping bad things that might be harmful to the fetus out of the woman's body.

When mucus collects in the tubes to the lungs it gives rise to which unpleasant action?

either a sneeze or throw up

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If you have cramping 16 days before your period could that mean you are pregnant?

no because cramping is normal espicially for a women. It just occurs mostly during your period. Now if you miss your period, throw up, have weird cravings, and your nipples are real brown then those are major red flags of pregnancy.

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Why is it that when your husband comes in you feel you have to throw up?

pregnancy? seek help.

When do pregnancy symptoms being?

When you throw up and conuuns cramps and heartburn.