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Yes, most women who use tampons will use pads or liners as back-up because tampons leak suddenly when full. When using tampons you should also alternate with pads and use pads with light flow. If you want to avoid using both tampons and pads you may want to consider using menstrual cups that can be worn at any time and don't leak like tampons do.

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Yes, it's common. A lot of women wear tampons and a panty liner or a thin pad to prevent "accidents" during the heaviest part of their period. Saves a lot of embarrassment.

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Q: Is it normal to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time?
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I had a baby 4 months and the discharge is getting heavier i have to wear a tampn all the time is that normal?

You aren't meant to wear a tampon

Abnormal periods after dnc?

IT is normal. Your periods can resume anywhere from 2-6 weeks after a DNC, but you should not wear a tampon until that time.

How long should you sleep when you have your period?

same as normal, just dont wear a tampon. if you do, wake up every 2 hours to change it. Or you will get a serious infection.

Why cant you wear a tampon while taking a bath?

You can wear a tampon while taking a bath.

What type of underwear should you wear with spandex?

If you are male, you probably don't need to wear underwear and spandex at the same time; just wear spandex shorts. If you are female, you can wear a thong, particularly if you need to have a panty liner or tampon in.

Can you wear a tampon to a water park?

Yes, you can wear a tampon to the water park as long as your flow is heavy enough for a tampon. You can also wear options such as menstrual cups and softcups, these can be worn even with light flow and for up to 12 hours so a much better option. If you do wear tampons be sure to time it so you can insert a fresh tampon just before going in the water, and you may need to insert a fresh tampon when you get out.

What do you do if you don't wanna wear a tampon in the water?

if you do not want to wear a tampon do not go into the water, you will embarrass yourself should you have an "accident"

Is it bad to wear a tampon is your period is irregular?

Wearing tampon may block the flow sometime. That too if you have irregular periods better go with a normal one. In case of emergency requriements you can use tampons

Can you wear a tampon after urinating?

Yes, you can wear a tampon after urinating. Everyone urinates at some point, and urine comes out of your urethra not your vagina, so I'm not sure why you would think that you'd not be abel to wear a tampon after urinating.

Can you wear a tampon after having a miscarriage?

Yes, you can wear a tampon after a miscarriage. If the bleeding is very heavy, you may find a pad easier.

Should you wear a tampon to a sports physical?

No you shd wear a pad so when the doctor has to look down there you don't have to pull it out and be left with nothing for you period the rest of the time. Unless you bring another tampon for after your doctor looks at your vagina.

What age should you be to wear a tampon?

A girl should at least be 15 to wear a tampon because what are you going to do if you insert it wrong the you are bumped ): x

What should you do if your on your period and its really heavy and you have swim class?

You need to weAR A tampon. Or if your not sure if a tampon will protect you fully, wear a panty liner.

What is the thing when you wear it you cannot see it but when you see you cannot wear it?


What do you wear during a solar eclipse?

A tampon

Is it okay to wear a tampon while taking doxycycline?

Yes, you can wear a tampon while taking doxycycline, no matter the reason you're taking it. Even if you are being treated for chlamydia, wearing a tampon will not affect the treatment.

What do normal people wear on Christmas?

they just wear the same clothes as normal and sometime they may wear fany clothes and a christmas hat

Can you go swimming when your on your period?

Yes, you can. Wear a tampon.

If you're on menstruation can you swim?

You can, but you must wear a tampon.

What do you do when you have a period?

Make sure you have a pad or tampon with you and wear it

Can you wear contact lenses and glasses at the same time?

no we cant wear contact lenses and glasses at the same time. But we can wear cooling glass and contact lenses at the same time

How do you go in the pool on your period without using a tampon?

You cannot do this, it would be embarrassing for you, so wear a tampon, or stay out of the pool.

Can you still get your period if you were a tampon before you have it?

Yes, a period is a result of hormones and wearing or not wearing a tampon has nothing to do with it. Never ever wear a tampon without having a period. Read the warnings on the tampon box because it tells you not to do that.

Can you go swimming when you are on your period?

Wear a tampon, go have fun.

Can you swim during your menstruation?

Yes you can, but you will want to wear a tampon.