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you usually have brownish yellow discharge after having a baby.. mine lasted just under three weeks

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Q: Is it normall to have dark brown discharge for 2 weeks?
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You are 13 and you have been having a dark brown discharge but you havent had your period what is it?

Chances are this is an early sign of the onset of menstruation. In other words, your first period will come soon (within a few days, weeks, or months, depending on how dark the discharge is).

What does it mean when you start your period weeks early and its dark brown?

It is perfectly normal to start your period weeks early and its dark brown. You mostly start with dark brown when you start your period and it turns red.

How long does a female dog discharge after having puppies?

Normal vaginal discharge after parturition should be odorless and may be green, dark red-brown or bloody and may persist in small amounts for up to 8 weeks.

Why are you bleeding dark brown 2 weeks after your period?

Dark brown or "old blood" bleeding two weeks after your period is likely a sign that ovulation is occurring.

Can you be pregnant and your discharge looks like blood?

Yes if the discharge is a very dark brown colour it will look like blood.

i am 11 and today i had brown discharge . I never had my period before and i think it is my first period . Is it ?

It was dark brown and 2 spots . i have been getting lots of crampsafter the discharge .

Why do I only have brown discharge and no period?

That happend to me on my first i guessed it was just dry blood in my discharge

What cause females to have a dark reddish brown discharge after starting the pill?

Illness mostly... probably

I have started my period 3 days ago but its dark brown is it periods or just brown discharge?

It is not unusual for it to be brown. It is very possible that it will change from brown later on. This is normal.

What does it mean if you have dark brown discharge while pregnant?

I have been pregnant 5 times. Each time I spotted (noticed pink, dark red, and/or brown when I would wipe). Only one pregnancy was lost and this was after the bleeding needed a pad. I have heard from so many women that spotting or having pink or brown discharge during the first 10 weeks is normal for them. I am in my fifth pregnancy now (7 weeks) and the same discharge is appearing. Yes, I'm worried but I keep in mind all those other women who continue their pregnancies normally. Bottom line, go to the doctor and check for a viable pregnancy, take it easy and wait for the spotting to subside. Hopefully!

You are pregnant15 weeks and spotting dark brown that a problem?

i recommend that you see a dr. for an assessment.

What does it mean when you have dark brown discharge andblood?

It is dried blood and very normal for your body to get rid of it at the end of your menstrual cycle.

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