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I suppose it depends on what you mean by too nice? If you mean should you be civil, kind and thoughtful of him/her I'd say it isn't possible to be too nice to your ex. If being too nice involves actions that make your current partner/spouse uncomfortable, then perhaps you need to think about what you are doing. It is also important that the other person understand that by being nice you are not trying to get back together with them, another words be clear in your actions and words about the hows,whys and limits of your new relationship as exes.

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Q: Is it ok to be too nice to your ex?
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If you're OK with that then be nice to him (if you like him). If you are not OK with that then tell him he is too old for you.

Why is my ex friend nice to me And my other ex friend Ignoring me?

The reason why one ex-friend is nice to while another is not may be because the one being nice to you wants to mend the relationship.

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It depends on how nice the ex husband is.

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The best way to write your ex a nice message is to start it off by saying nice things. Never get mad and write anything negative in the message at all.

You still like your ex what do you do?

well if he you ex then you know it wont work out again so you. just be nice to your ex and be friends .

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It is never okay to date your friend's ex-boyfriend.

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No. It's not ok.

Is ex controlling you if you respond to his calls even though you are not sure what his intentions are and should I ask what his intentions are?

People only treat you the way you allow them too and if you are allowing your ex to still be involved in your life and responding to him then chances are he will think his actions are ok.

How do you call an ex-girlfriend?

depends on how u broke up. but humor usually breaks the ice... or saying somthing shor, simple but meaningful is nice too.

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Usually when your being nice, she might think your up to something.

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