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Is it ok to drive if head gasket replaced?


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no it is not ok to drive with it blown u can damage more things then just the head

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No. Your head gasket or block is likely cracked.

IF that is all that was wrong it will be.

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First, head gaskets are not rebuilt. They are replaced and on V6's and V8's they must be replaced in pairs. If properly installed, the engine will be as good as new(that is if everything else with the engine is ok. The only bad thing would be is if some hack did the job and cut corners.

A few things you have to look at- How old is the car? Except for the bad head gasket, does the car operate OK? How many miles are on the car?? These are things you have to decide what you will do.

most cars after having a new head gasket fitted will smoke for a short while (sometimes up to 1500Km) but only a light grey blue smoke. after this distance has been covered look for oil around the head and block. and also alot of bubbling in the radiator coolant is another give away of a failed head gasket. If none of these exist then your head gasket is fine.

if its coming from the top of the head then its ok .It's probably just a worn valve cover gasket,but if your sure that its coming from the bottom of head then its a blown head gasket most likely.check to see if there water in your oil.but doubtful though cause with a blown head gasket your most likely to see water leaking at bottom of head not oil.but if it is a blown head gasket then its major and your looking at anwhere from 700 to 1500 bucks in mechanics work depending what kind of car ya got.

Part? is $65-$80 depending on brand, to have it installed? 8-10hrs, depends on if the head is ok- $1000-$1400 labor.

Not necessarily. Look at the codition of the head. Get hold of a metre long (3 foot/yard steel or aluminum rule) and put it across the head in different directions, logways, across, diagonal. This to check that the head hasn't warped. If it seems ok fit a new head gasket.AnswerThe above is good advice, your head is only likely to have warped if it overheated badly when the gasket blew... my 306 has now done 10,000 miles on its new head gasket and I didnt skim the head since it seemed ok... For the sake of an extra £40 id get it skimmed anyway!Our cambelt tensioner went last June so everything was replaced inc the head gasket...we didnt skim the head as it hadnt over heated but now 1 year on the head gasket has gone, this time ill be getting it skimmed. Its £40 and i wish id done it last time round as we`ve since been told that the head should be skimmed every time its taken off.Ours is a 1996 p reg 306 1.4....its done 20,000 since the head gasket was done but still shouldn't have gone yet!We are now looking at £70 for parts (inc spark plugs, head bolds, air filter etc) £40 for the head skimming and what we are paying to a mechanic to fix it....luckily its a friend doing it so this isn't much but it could have all been avoided by spending £40 last time!!Ann

It Could Be Any Of The Three.Remove The Head, Have It Tested. After Checking Gasket. The Head May Be Warped From Overheating And Normal Use. If The Head Gasket Is OK. I Suggest To Have The Head Tested. But The Block Could Be Cracked. If The Car Has An Aluminum Head As Most Do It Probably Is The Head Is Cracked. Heck Run It By A Good Radiator Shop And Have It Tested Under Pressure. See What They Suggest. Sorry To Be Of Such Little Help. My Bet Head. Best To You

see it doe snot matter what it is but u should know what you are saying ok.!!

ok, inexpensive head gasket fix. take packet of ground black pepper from your kitchen and add to radiator. top off radiator with coolant. drive round for about 15 minutes to circulate pepper. if the head gasket is leaking this will fix it until such time as you dump the coolant. as for your car looseing heat over 45 mph, i am going to say this is not caused by a faulty head gasket this is more likely a faulty temperature thermostat or the timing in engine is not automatically advancing or retarding under load take your vehicle to a mechanic but not the mechanic that said the problem is head gasket he doesnt seem to know what he is talking about

It sounds like coolant is getting in your oil. Recheck you intake manifold gasket.Hopefully the head gasket sealed up. Did you have the heads surfaced? Did you pressure test heads for leaks? When head gaskets go the heat can crack/warp cylinder heads.Mark. Also, make sure you buy original Rover gaskets, as many after market gaskets arn't up to the job. Rick.

It should have the head checked for cracks otherwise it should run ok. The price depends on what part of the country you live in.

As long as when you are doing the sanding you take care to do it evenly, and seal the cylinders well so that no substrate or shavings get in there, then you should be okay. Try to leave a roughened surface, as it will help the gasket seal a bit better.

If it's just on start up from cold and clears then it's just common with TD engines but would be worth checking this out if your sure it's not head gasket as this would lead to water in the fuel giving white smoke, so if not head gasket check A) unburnt fuel, check glow plugs B) Diesel pump timing/ or worn springs

I would certainly change them and have done so when I've replaced head gaskets on my vehicles. They don't cost much. If you are adept at 'reading' plugs, and they look ok, and you clean them, and you re-gap them to specs, MAYBE it would be fine to reuse your old ones. But to me it's cheaper just to replace these items which do wear out over time anyway. Some spark plugs in some engines have an expected 100,000 miles' life to them. But I'd change them anyway while I was down and dirty doing the the head gasket work.

The head or heads will have to be remove and inspected for cracks or warpage. You then replace the gasket and reinstall the head. Drain the oil and change the filter. Replace the thermostat and pour in fresh coolant. Unless you ran it hot or drove it for a long period of time in this condition you may be ok. If you just kept driving it then you will have damage to the rings and bearings an the engine may need an overhaul. Really depends on how long the engine was driven with a blown gasket.

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