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It is not realistic. There are always going to be women around in many forms and he is only human if he is looking especially on TV - it is just that on TV. If you are the one with the insecurities you should not take it out on him in fact it may be something you need to address because this could cause problems in your relationships throughout your life.

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  • Yes, and he's disrespectful and immature if he does not.
  • It is unreasonable to expect your boyfriend to look away. If that offends you, then turn off the TV.
  • Men have always enjoyed looking at partially-clad or naked women and that's never going to change. It doesn't mean they don't love you. I agree with you that there is too much of it on TV, but don't expect my husband not to look. After all there are just as many naked men on the TV now. I just simply get up and do something else. I have no right to tell my partner what to watch on TV and what not to watch on TV. Here's a good idea ... get another TV! I bought my hubby one for the den so when I see this sort of thing on the TV in the living room I tell him to go in the den and I watch what I want too.
  • I don't think the problem is if he should or shouldn't look away, I think you should ask yourself how secure are you. Yes, it's offensive, and tempting for the person watching these things to get some ideas or thoughts but you have to remember that if he respects , cares and loves you then there is no need to worry about him getting some crazy idea about doing something. In fact it may excite him and he may come to you for attention and I think its also o.k. if a man or woman gets turned on by seeing other things but go to their lover to seek satisfaction instead of looking for it some place else. Just make sure that it isn't a problem or it doesn't get out of hand like renting pornography too many times or either of you being more interested in watching than being more interested in the other. Well its a fine line between these things but time will tell.

like no way men r like that i bet he epexts u 2 go nude 2

  • When a woman sees a baby she immediately looks fixedly at it. If she can, she will walk to it, inspect it closely (with a loving look on her face), coo and goo at it and possibly tickle it under the chin. Why does a woman behave like that ? Well, quite simply she is genetically programmed to react to babies in that way. If her husband were to object to this behaviour she would be upset, and puzzled, and other people would think him very odd. Try to understand that men are genetically programmed to look at naked women. Your husband is not being unfaithful to you, simply obeying his instincts.
2009-10-02 22:18:11
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