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Ask your doctor.

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Q: Is it okay to go from taking 20 mg of Celexa to 20 mg of Zoloft?
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Can you take Prozac and Celexa together?

If i ran out of Prozac could i take a celexa both are 20 mg?

Does Celexa cause drowsiness?

I've been taking Celexa for 2 years. I started on 20 mg, and I was tired all the time. Last month, I got my dosage increased to 40 mg, and since then I've been so fatigued that it interferes with my daily functioning.

Is it safe to take Vyvanse with Celexa?

I certainly hope so! My doctor has me on 30 MG Vyvanse + 20 MG Celexa each day.

What medication has the inscription APO C1 20?

That would be 20mg Citalopram (Celexa).

What happens if you discontinue taking citalopram?

I have been on Celexa for 4 years now on 20 mg I have reduced it down to 1/2 pill now which is 10 mg I am having flu like symptoms is this normal?

Will switching to Wellbutrin from Celexa help you to lose the weight you've gained while taking Celexa?

My experience with Wellbutrin was yes, it helped me lose weight that I had gained on other anti-depressants. I had been taking EFFEXOR for a long time and kept gaining weight. I was switched to Celexa and told that it shouldn't make me gain weight. I continued to gain weight on the Celexa. I also had sexual side effects. The doctor switched me to Wellbutrin. I had gained 20 lbs. since starting SSRI's. Once I stopped taking those and switched to Wellbutrin, I lost 10 lbs. easily. The other 10 I had to work at to take off, but it came off! On the SSRI's it seemed like no matter what I did to lose weight it wouldn't work. Hope this helps!

How long for Celexa to work?

I have been using Celexa for several years. My doctor placed me on 20 mg. at first and I began to feel a gradual increase in well-being over a couple of weeks. This is not an all-at-once medication but symptoms of being negative all of the time and, also, of grouchiness and depression will begin to go away. It may be that you will need an increase of your meds. and the doctor should be told if your symptoms aren't quite what they should be and he will decide whether or not to increase the amount you're taking. I have never had a side effect from Celexa and feel that it has been the right one for me. I am in my late 50's and have been using Celexa for about 6 1/2 years.

If you overdose on Zoloft how much would it take kill you?

I believe you have to take at least 20 of the 50mg tablets. but im not completely sure. there was only one study of fatality in an overdose of sertraline [zoloft]

Can you take 20 mg Celexa and 15 mg remeron together with minimal side effects?

yes, it works very well try it.

How can you reduce the effects of Adderall if you are being forced to take it?

I take celexa 20 milligrams everyday. A friend just recently gave me some adderall 30mg. I had absulutely no affects from it at all. It was like I never took it. I have been researching celexa and adderall mix and I have found that it interacts, but how, I cant find that out.

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