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i thin that u should wait until its heal!!

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no , your not supposed to be exposed to " heat " for atleast 2 weeks .

Mine did. Not as bad as it did right after it got pierced though.

No you shouldnt. the chlorine in the water can over dry a new piercing.

Yeah., when I got mine done., I took a shower right after., to make sure it was clean.

You can go tanning right away, just keep tanning lotions out of and away from the piercings.

It is okay to get your belly button pierced in the summer and yes they are right you can't go in chlorine for six weeks or more depending on how your body reacts to the piercing its self. You dont want to risk infection trust me i know what i am talking about

I should think so. My friend just got her belly button pierced two weeks ago and we went swimming the other day. Ask yourself this: is it safe to go swimming right after getting your ears pierced?

yes. she also has double piercing in her ear lobes, double pierced cartilage in her left ear, nose piercing (right).

Hello! You can get it done at any drugstore(chemist) but don't do it yourself. It's safer at a drugstore and if you do it yourself, you might miss the right spot.

Getting your bellybutton pierced will hurt right as you're getting it done, and will be a little sore for a few days. You shouldn't feel any pain when you get your tongue pierced, but it will hurt and be swollen after.

Yes zebras do have belly buttons so do horses, dogs, and donkeys the belly button is right in front of the udder

You need to give it a few days to heal - more than anything so that your sweat from working out doesn't get inside the wound and infect it.

Here are the steps:Get in your car.Drive to a tattoo and piercing placeMake sure that everything in the shop looks clean and in orderGet your belly button pierced by a professionalGet all the information you will need to care for and clean your belly button ring.DO NOT PIERCE IT YOURSELF!!! Even if you pierce it right, (you could go in too far and damage your stomach) it will still probably get seriously infected

It is on your right side about the level of your belly button (approximately)

Pretty much signing a waiver saying that your parent and/or guardian is responsible for you and that they are giving the company the right not to be held liable if anything goes wrong.

oh well currently I have a horrid scar on my belly button, where I used to have mine pierced. After like 7 months, It got infected! so I had to take it out. I decided to get it pierced a second time... Big mistake.. My body pushed the foreign object (jewelry) right out of my body... it just dropped out one day. Although all my friends got theirs pierced and theirs fine..for now that is. My advice, don't do it. My navel is now scarred for life. I hate going to the beach showing my scar off.......

she has two tattoos. One of a butterfly below her belly button and a wishbone right above her belly button.

Hi I have my ears, tragus and belly pierced too! Next i was thinkin about getting my tongue and hips done if that helps you at all . . .

right below your belly button.

In order to get your belly button pierced at a piercing shop you must be over the age of eighteen. However the operation is very simple to do yourself , all you need is a sewing needle and a lighter, first sterilize the needle by heating it with the lighter, then you can pierce the place right above your belly button, do it quickly before the needle cools and desterilizes, you may want to cool the area with ice before piercing.

The main thing you have to care about is not getting any tension on the part where the belly button is positioned. Make sure the skin isn't tensioned to much all the time. Good luck!

It's often quite hard to detect, but it's usually right in the middle of the belly.

It is what a person would call a "belly" and is right below the chest. The "belly button" (umbilicus) is in the middle of the abdomen.