Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)

Is it okay to smoke pot while pregnant?

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there is no real medical issues with smoking weed pregnant, i would maybe reccommend using a vaporiser for lung health, but as far as the baby goes, should be fine.

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What if you take prenatal vitamins and smoke marijuanna?

If you are pregnant and you smoke pot, then you are an idiot.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you both smoke pot?

No, pot is a great way to prevent pregnancy.

My husband smokes pot and im pregnant?

Whats your question?? If you're pregnant and he smokes pot, get the hell away from him. Don't inhale that smoke. It will be horrible for your baby.

Is it okay to smoke pot if your a Christian?

Ok look at Jesus,long hair, wore sandals,preached love and understanding total POT HEAD.

Does will smoke pot?

Will who? Will Smith does not smoke pot if that's your question.

Does Greg Raposo smoke pot?

No Greg Raposo does not smoke pot

What if you are six weeks pregnant and just found out and you are addicted to smoking weed is that bad?

well you cant get addicted to pot they have tested this many of times just dont smoke while you pregnet

Does it hurt your baby if you smoke pot while pregnant?

Scientists are unsure because they have no clear data on how long, how often, and how much marijuana was used during pregnancy. But smoking cigarettes has been proven harmful.http://www.leafscience.com/2016/02/16/smoking-weed-while-pregnant/

How do you say smoke weed in Mexican?

fumar is to smoke. mota is pot. do you smoke pot would be fumas mota?

Should you crush the pot seeds before you smoke them?

no you shouldn't smoke pot seeds in the first place. just smoke the bud.

Is it illegal to smoke pot in Texas?

Yes, it is illegal to smoke pot in Texas and anywhere in the United States!

How do you smoke k2?

Same way you smoke pot?

Can you smoke marijuana while cleansing?

No! That would be pointless. You would be putting THC back into your system, while tying to get it out. Quit smoking pot!

Does the robbert Patterson smoke?

Robert Pattinson does smoke pot.

Does cee lo smoke?

He used to smoke pot, but he quit it. =)

What does Lady Gaga smoke?

Cigarettes... and she used to smoke pot

How bad is pot for an unborn baby in the first 4 months?

Doctors suggest that a mother doesn't smoke Tobacco when she is pregnant so obviously it isn't a good idea to smoke pot. Not only is pot's smoke just as dangerous as Tobacco but it also effects the brain which isn't good at all for a developing child in the womb

Is it safe to smoke pot out of foil?

no and more to the point get a brain and don't smoke pot! or any drug the effects can kill you.

Does Robert Pattinson Smoke Pot?

of course not! he smokes cigarettes but not pot.

In what U.S. states is pot legal to smoke?

all states allow pot to smoked. you smoke pot any where but libraries,federal buildings, and elementry schools

How do you make a smoke pot on the Sims 2 Castaway game for Wii?

Well I'm not sure if they can smoke pot, crack, or cigirettes.

Should you smoke pot right now?

yes, you should smoke pot right now...it clears the mind and calms you down

What is a pot head?

someone who has an addiction to pot which means that they smoke it all the time

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