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A chicken that appears to have no head and is moving is either not really alive or is not really headless.

A chicken or any other animal cannot live without their head. When a chicken is killed in the manner where its head is detached from the rest of its body, it is clear to see that the nerves in the body of the carcass still twitch for a few seconds to a minute or so afterwords. To live suggests to keep going beyond the time after a set period, such as the chicken having it's head removed, again, like most other living things, once the head is removed from the body, it is therefore impossible to keep living.

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Q: Is it possible for a chicken to live without a head?
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Did a chicken live for 18 months with no head?

Yes, the story of Mike the chicken is true. because some brain and nerve endings survived the Axe. it is possible for a chicken to live for quite awile without a head, though 18 months, it may be an exageration.

How long can a chicken live without its head?

A chicken can live about 2 years without its head!A chicken was for the chop at a farm but the axe missed and didn't hit a certain nerve so the chicken survived for another 2 years!It depends where you cut the chicken's head off because it could live for 2 years if you cut it's head off in the right place

Why can a chicken live without a head?

It can not live without a head. All of the movement the chicken makes after having the head severed is from nerves reacting. ^above answer is not COMPLETELY true^ Chickens CAN live without a head, but only for a few months. In order for them TO live, headless, yoü must chop off their head right above the medulla oblongata. The medulla oblongata controls breathing and heartbeats to keep the chicken alive. That means if the medulla oblongata and spinal cord are intact, your chicken will just lose blood instead of a life.

Does a chicken without a head stay alive?

A chicken without a head can only live for several seconds. Then it will die. But the body of the chicken can run around and flap its wings strenuously, if you consider that really any kind of life.

Did a chicken live for 6 months without its head?

Well i don't know if it was 6 months or not, but it did live.. how can a animal live without a brain. Hmm.. Google: Mike The Wonder Chicken. :)

Can a chicken live a year without a head?

Yes a year and two months. well not for that long but it will live for some minutes

Can you live without a head?

No you can't live without a head.

Why can chickens live with no head?

chickens cannot live without a head but i have seen a chicken in a book with its head cut off. yet it lived cause its brain stem was still there. the farmer fed him with an eye dropper.

How long can a Python live without its head?

a python can't live without its head

Can animals live without their head?

Grasshoppers or a bug like it can live without a head for about a week.

What insect bug can live without its head?

Cockroaches can live without its head for about 7 days

How do people without a head live?

Using mystical powers! Actually, they cannot live without a head.

Did a chicken live for 2 years with no head?


How long can a chicken live without food?

A chicken can last up to 2 weeks without food or water

Can you live without the appendix?

chicken farts

How do cockroaches live without a head?

They can live without a head because their brain is in their back. Also they will die of starvation.

What living things that can live for up to a week without a head?

A tick can live a week or more without its' head.

Can a tick survive without it's head?

no a tick can not live without its head

Does a dog head live without its body?

no a dog cannot live without it head

How long did mike the chicken live after his head was chopped off?

Mike the headless chicken survived for 18 months after having his head chopped off.

Can a person live without a head?

No, it is impossible for a human to live without a brain.

How long can a mouse live without its head?

The mouse will die instantly without a head.

How cockroaches live without a head?

Cockroaches can't really live without their head. They can live up to 10 days without it, though. They just only live 10 since they can't get water and food.

How long can a roach live without his head?

A cockroach can live up to 2 weeks without having its head attached to its body.

Conversion of chicken live weight to dressed?

The conversion of a chicken's live weight to dressed is not very much. The feathers, feet, and head of the chicken weigh less than half a pound.

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