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Yes, all a negative acceleration means is the object is slowing down.

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Can a body have negative velocity and positive acceleration?

no a body can only have positive velocity .sometimes it have negative acceleration

Can the velocity of an object be negative when its acceleraction is positive?

no because acceleration can be negative due to decreasing of velocity so its not possible

Can the velocity of an object be positive and acceleration negative?

Yes. An object slowing down but still moving in a positive direction has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration.

How does positive acceleration and negative acceleration affect motion?

positive acceleration helps to increase the velocity for positive direction while negative acceleration resists the motion.

What is called negative accelarration?

Deceleration. Negative acceleration = Velocity is decreasing by time. Positive acceleration = Velocity is increasing by time. Zero acceleration = Velocity is the same by time.

Is retardation positive or negative acceleration?

Retardation or deceleration is negative acceleration. It is opposite to the direction of velocity.

Is it possible to have positive instantaneous tangential velocity and negative instantaneous tangential acceleration?

Yes. Imagine a ball on a rigid pole being swung around, and slowing down. It's tangential velocity is positive but it's tangential acceleration is negative

Does acceleration have a negative or positive value if the velocity is increasing speed?

In this case, acceleration is positive. Negative acceleration would cause the object to slow down (decelerate.)

Differentiate positive acceleration and negative acceleration?

A positive acceleration is a change in velocity such that the latter velocity is greater than the former velocity and is therefore going fasterwhile a negative acceleration or deceleration is a change in velocity such that the latter velocity is lesser than the former velocity and is therefore going slower.Now let us look at the equation of a uniform acceleration (the change in velocity is uniform):a = (vf-vi)/sIf the final velocity is greater, you will have a positive acceleration. If the initial velocity is greater, you will have a deceleration.

Is it possible to have incresing velocity with decrease in acceleration?

No. Acceleration is Delta-Velocity / Delta-Time. If Acceleration is negative then that means that either Delta Velocity is negative or Delta Time is negative---which is not practical. For Acceleartion to be negative, that means the Velocity has to Decrease. (where Delta Velocity is change in Velocity or V2 - V1)

Can a car have negative velocity and positive acceleration at the same time if traveling on a highway?

Yes.If the car is backing up, but slowing down, then its velocity is in the negative direction, and its acceleration is in the positive direction.

What is the difference between negative and positive acceleration?

Positive acceleration means the magnitude of velocity is increasing,i.e. something is speeding up.Negative acceleration means the magnitude of velocity is decreasing,i.e. something is slowing down.

Can the velocity of an object be negative when the acceleration is positive?

Yes, velocity is the integral of acceleration and their signs at any given time are independent.

Explain how positive and negative acceleration affect motion?

when the acceleration of the body is positive its mean that its velocity is increasing and the speed of the motion also increases and speed will decrease when acceleration is negative.

Can a car have negative velocity and negative acceleration?

It cannot have negative velocity, it can have negative acceleration.

How are deceleration and acceleration related?

Acceleration and deceleration are related by their their sign. Acceleration is positive ( increase in velocity with time) and deceleration is negative (decrease in velocity with time).

When angular velocity decreases the direction of angular acceleration is opposite to angular velocity .why?

Take the velocity to be in positive direction. Positive acceleration increases velocity and they are in the same direction. Negative acceleration reduce velocity and they are in opposite direction. It does not matter if the motion in linear or anfular.

When acceleration and velocity are pointing in opposite direction?

Restate the question: When are acceleration and velocity pointing in the opposite direction? If you are going forward but slowing down, then the velocity is positive, but the acceleration is negative.

Difference between positive and negative acceleration?

when velocity is increasing,accleration is positiveand when velocity is decreasing,accleration is said to be negative.

How is motion demonstratd with snowboarding?

Snowboarding demonstrates speed, velocity, and acceleration. It can also demonstrate a positive or negative value for velocity and acceleration.

What is positive acceleration?

Positive Acceleration refers to the force acting on an object whose speed increases as it moves away from its original starting position. If the velocity is increasing along with time it is called positive acceleration, and if the velocity decreases it is negative acceleration.

Can an object have a positive velocity and a negative acceleration?

Yes. A car that brakes is slowing down and therefore has negative acceleration, but is still moving forward a therefore has positive velocity because it cant all of a sudden stop.

What has to happen to a car's acceleration and velocity for a car's speed to increase and have a positive acceleration?

The velocity has to increase in a positive direction. The increase in velocity in a positive direction is a positive acceleration.

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