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Is it possible to become pregnant 2 days before a period?


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yes you can get pregnant you can't get pregnant if your period is still bleeding


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It's possible, but unlikely, to get pregnant on Depo Provera. After stopping Depo Provera, you can get pregnant before your next period starts.

Yes if after your period but if seven days before your period you will not become pregnant...

Anything is possible but the chances of getting pregnant 3 days before a period is highly unlikely.

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex,she can potentially get pregnant.

Anytime you have unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant

Yes. Because a period comes at the end of the cycle, you can become pregnant before your first period.

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.

No if you have not had a period before but yes if you have had a period before. As soon as a woman has had her first period she can get pregnant.

It is possible to get pregnant at any point in the month, yes, even during your period. You should always take precaution if you do not want to become pregnant.

yes u can because your body already ovulated or is ovulated. and its very possible to get pregnant...

If you have never had your period then you can't become pregnant.. but if you have then your most vonerable to become pregnant during a week before your next period cycle.

No, you have to start ovulating before you can get pregnant.

You can get pregnant at any time. Including during your period.

yes you can get pregnant anytime even including on your period

have sex about a week before your period is due. have it often, then if you miss your period, your pregnant

It is possible but highly unlikely. When you have your period it is to flush out your system, it it not? When you get pregant right before your period (Before the sperm reaches the egg) the period flushes it out.

Usually not. I have heard a doctor who is well versed in birth control and their effectiveness say it is virtually impossible to get pregnant the first day of your period.

Impossible. Having a period means that a women has reached her "womanhood" and will be able to bear children.THAT ANSWER IS NOT CORRECT!!!you can get pregnant something like two weeks before your first period. the blood that comes out is the "food" for the possible baby. not the egg that is supposed to become a baby.

Normal. When you become pregnant you periods stop until after the birth.

If you are pre-menopausal (menstruation/your period has not stopped), then it is possible to become pregnant.

No. You have to have your period to become pregnant and you have to have a male figure

No, because you get pregnant before you period. You will not have a period if you are pregnant. And a heavy period will not "wash out" a pregnancy.

It is possible to be pregnant and have a one time period. The question is were you ovulating when you had sex. If you had a period 9 days later, I doubt you are pregnant. However, it is possible.

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