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It could be possible,sperm can live in the vagina for about 24 hours or longer. So if you had intercourse before the onset of your period you can possibly get pregnant. yes, because it is possible to ovulate early or at any time.

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Q: Is it possible to conceive a week before your period is due?
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Is there a possiblity of conceiving a week before your period starts and have a regular period?

Having your period means you did not conceive!

If you conceived 1 week before your period will you still get your period?

first of all you cannot conceive one week before your can conceive only during the ovulation period which is 14 th day of your cycle if you have a 28 day cycle.

If you conceive a week before your period is due will you still have a period afterward?

Yes you may have a period or a lighter than normal period.

You are spotting brown a week before your period is that normal?

Yes this is usually called implantation,after you conceive if not get it checked out

Is it it possible to miscarry less than a week after conceive?


When are women more likely to conceive?

Women are most likely to conceive at the time of ovulation. Ovulation can happen a week after your period until your next period.

Your fiance came inside of you a week before your period and now period is late can it be that im pregnant?

It"s possible

If you miss a week of the pill can my period be a week late?

It is possible that your period can be late if you miss a week of the pill. It is also possible that you are pregnant.

You were trying to conceive a week later you got your period it stopped yesterday you took a test and it was negative but you still have all the signs of being pregnant can you still be pregnant?

If you got your period it is extremely unlikely you are pregnant. And if you are trying to conceive you usually need to have sex 2 weeks before your period is due.

How quick can you get pregnant on your period?

Generally you can't get pregnant on your period, however, if you have a very short cycle or if you ovulate within a week of stopping your period then there is a chance that you may conceive. Sperm can live for around a week once inside the woman, so it is possible that some women may become pregnant if they have sex while on their period.

Is cramping a week and a half before your period normal or does that mean possible pregnancy even if you haven't had sex?


Can you get pregnant on NuvaRing one week before you are to have your period?

It is possible to get pregnant while on NuvaRing, but not very likely.

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