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The most oxygen is made by Algae (in Latin) or seaweed. They are not plants.

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Q: Is it possible to create oxygen without plants?
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Can plants create oxygen without the presence of CO2?

no as c02 is like oxygen for plants and we can not breathe out co2 without oxygen

Can we get the oxygen without sunlight?

Probably not. No sunlight, no plants, and plants create oxygen . . . but we'd probably starve to death first if the sun went out.

How does photosynthesis make our lives possible?

it helps plants stay green and once we pick them we can eat them Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis. Without the plants that produce oxygen, we would not have any oxygen to breathe.

What supplies oxygen?

Plants create Oxygen, but Oxygen is a natural element.

Why is photosynthesis necessary in order for us to breathe?

Photosynthesis produces oxygen as a waste product.

Why is it possible to grow plants in a closed glass bottle but a goldfish bowl must be open to for the goldfish to survive?

Fish need to breath oxygen and they create carbon dioxide. As the oxygen gets tied up in the CO2, there is no longer any oxygen to support the fish and it dies. Plants break down CO2 and create oxygen.

Do bees make oxygen?

They pollinate plants, and this is necessary to create new plants. The new plants create oxygen, so I would say yes. But, to be fair, they do it indirectly.

Can you produce oxygen without trees?

We can't produce oxygen without plants... That's why we need plants.. =D

Can plants survive without oxygen?

No, a plant could not grow without oxygen.

Does the decay of plants create a major source of oxygen?

No, bacteria or insects that eat plants use oxygen and the dead plants, which contain carbon, release carbon not oxygen.

What is the main purpose of plants?

To create oxygen to breathe

How does the balance between CO2 and oxygen benefit the both plants and animals?

co2 helps the plants which create oxygen which helps us